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President Trump as a Political Hit Man

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/09/president-trump-political-hit-man

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Trump, a man-baby obsessed with enemies, real and imagined, does anything but his job. Strike that. He does the very opposite of his job. On deck is a theocrat wannabe who would bring the “American Inquisition” into the lexicon going forward. We are at the abyss.
BERNIE 2020!

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At this very moment in time what remains unclear is who amongst those that voted for Trump in 2016, will “survive” this virus which may have been born in a lab aided in some way by the U.S. government, to vote for him once again.

Hit Job?

Well done, John Feffer. One of the best analyses I’ve read in a while–cogent and comprehensive.

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Here’s a plank trump could run on. He could offer free uniform cleaning for the McDonalds, and hotel, motel, and restaurant staff. Since his stock market bragging is in limbo right now and he brags of high employment numbers, handing the working class a bone would help him with the less educated voter.