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President Trump Has a Wrecking Ball (and it’s Aimed at the Climate)


President Trump Has a Wrecking Ball (and it’s Aimed at the Climate)

Ken Kimmell

The wrecking ball that is the Trump presidency is taking aim at the foundation of our country’s response to climate change. Today, the Trump Administration is announcing a re-opening of the fuel efficiency/emissions standards for cars, which can only mean one thing—weakening or repealing them. And it is expected that he will soon issue a directive to EPA to repeal the Clean Power Plan, and may also order EPA to rescind a waiver that it granted to California to set its own vehicle standards.


Yeah, of course he does! Trump is an evil bastard, and overt corporate shill. But we at least know where he stands and what he represents. Truth, as horrific as it is, is still a solid foundation.

The New Left however, is so completely ensconced in almost psychotic denial, that their essential lie, and it is a lie, regarding 'The Environment' will always weaken their position and undermine any attempt at 'moral high ground'.

E-waste, development, 'globalization' are hallmarks of the new left. Been to Sonoma county lately? 'The New Napa'? A literal travesty of eco-destruction. Tens of thousands of new homes, overtaking every square inch/foot/mile of Oak and Redwood forest. And every one of them a '2 or 3 bed 1 and 1/2-2 bathroom' nightmare of toxic throw-away 'construction'.

Or the new left obsession..and obsession it is too.. with 'Technology'. Every 'liberal' out there with their minimum of 2 phones and multiple laptops and 'smart appliances' and on and on and on..e-waste is THE environmental nightmare, which, like overpopulation is simply 'ignored' by the new left.

They WANT 'drones'. They are in love with mass surveillance, which is why NPR et al always seem to be sort of 'chuckling' as they discuss 'drones' or surveillance ready 'smart devices' on shows like 'here and now' etc..

Globalization? Hey! Sure! Let's make sure...certain..guarantee..that every single person on earth, in the do-gooder name of something like 'equality' has just as much right to produce massive amounts of e-waste and garbage as 'the west'.

The new left is simply without the credibility AT ALL, to even discuss 'The Environment' let alone point their (collective) finger at anyone else. The 'Left' in America has abandoned the Environment in favor of development, 'technology', and most bizarre of all 'globalization'. The lie..the reality of the staggering hypocrisy..is so overt, that there is simply no reality to their complaints. That lie weakens their entire position, sadly. They 'get it' but its 'in name only'..or as good ol Henry D. T. Said...'Mere Smoke Of Opinion'. The 'commitment' of the 'left' to Environment is way below their commitment to endless consumerism and development.


As someone who does not own a smart phone, and does not watch TV much et. , I totally agree with you. These are the types of people who think it's "cute" to text instead of talking to the person next to them. They want the latest gadgets but do not think about nature unless it's convenient. Better go to the old school left and let's please stop treating our home as a political football. Trump 's daddy also hated nature including going to the beach. Notice Dump does not even recognize natural disasters. Maybe when mar a lago is under water then he'll care. As far as the others go- they are mere pods.