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President Trump Reprises Racist 'Pocahontas' Insult in Speech to NRA


President Trump Reprises Racist 'Pocahontas' Insult in Speech to NRA

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Speaking before the National Rifle Association (NRA) on Friday, President Donald Trump reprised his racist attack on U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), calling her "Pocahontas" during a "campaign-like speech" to an appreciative crowd.


Well, the spoiled demon child got his adulation fix, yet again and in front of his slobbering, ignorant gun-toting NRA-member base. SICK, SICK, SICK. Will the ugliness never end? Perhaps this fix will carry over the weekend and he will be too exhausted from this "stimulation" that he will leave twitter alone. Will the NRA simply deposit his speaker fees in an offshore account (number provided by Ivanka) or will the payment in kind - guns - be given to his trophy-murdering male spawn? Since he was speaking in Atlanta, guess it will be another Mar-A-Lago golf weekend for Glump.

May the ghosts of the murdered Powhatan awaken to wipe out this very ugly "colonist"


No unfortunately he will only get worse

Especially as his cataclysms become more unbearable


Once again Trump disgraces the office of president. What he is doing is leading this movement against what is called political correctness and he does it by taking himself into the gutter. His followers want the freedom to insult people with racial comments even though it hurts others. It is sort of the opposite of the golden rule. His followers and Trump himself do not have to feel like they are walking on egg shells. The most racist can simply be themselves and if people find it offensive, too bad. It's right wing with an attitude.


The city slicker dude is teaching hatred for the states that pay the US bills.

Where does that lead?


"Make America Great Again!"
- Wahunsenacawh
(Chief Powhatan's real name)


If he keeps this up Canada will be building a wall at our Northern border to keep the US crazies out.


Some people love to insult, belittle, and degrade everyone. It is highly inappropriate for the President of the United States to do this. Donald Trump is ether very stupid, or mentally ill. If he gets the slightest opposition, Trump turns into a school yard name caller. He is not intellectually, or emotionally qualified to be President.


Pretty amazing. Can you imagine someone in your workplace acting like Trump - insulting co-workers like that? How long would he last before he found himself a victim of an "unfortunate industrial accident".


At the very least, they would find themselves fired for the harassment (unless they work for Fox).


Since he is a climate denier and pro-oil it would only be fitting if we tar and feather him tout suite! But at the rate he is going others will be looking at more permanent means to stop him. We are in an ecological crisis with a supreme moron in charge of the nuclear button.


Trump suffers from a classic case of "Affluenza"- You know, the "I'm allowed to act like a dick" defense,


"Spoiled demon child" - I like that description of the anti-Earth terrorist in chief.
Here are a few more choice ones to entertain ourselves with:


There is zero tolerance for racist name calling in many workplaces as it should be. The resident Earth-destroyer should be fired.


Perhaps he suffers from Trumpism or just being a Trump. He inherited the rich bully gene from his parents.


Thanks for the link...a very good laugh to start my weekend. Love the creativity, too!!!


By attempting to insult her, especially this early in the 2020 campaign season (yes, it's officially perpetual), he's showing he's scared -- and he is -- and giving her power.
Pretty insecure fellow.


This country hasn't had an assassination since 1963.

Think we're overdue for one?


Seems like every time Little Donny opens his mouth he vomits all over his, and his party's, future. Plus, he inspires the nation's creativity, as we compete with one another to come up the most accurate name to describe his utter sliminess.

Today is just the hundredth day, plus or minus, of his assault upon America, and our growing retaliation against his crude ineptness. Imagine how quickly and totally we will be able to slice&dice his puffed-up ego after a THOUSAND days of practice!

Little Donny, in another 900 days (probably far less) we will have you laying in a corner peeing on yourself, which is a very appropriate punishment for what you have done to our women, our country, and our world. Paybacks, as they say, are a bitch!


It is indeed scary that a president would even see fit to address such a group as the NRA, they are an extremist group maybe the KKK next?