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President Trump’s Budget Kicks People When They’re Down


President Trump’s Budget Kicks People When They’re Down

Monique Morrissey

The president’s budget was released Tuesday and a House budget resolution will follow in June. Though the two plans will undoubtedly differ in certain areas—the president’s budget includes infrastructure and paid parental leave proposals that aren’t guaranteed to be taken up by the House—both will seek deep cuts to programs helping vulnerable citizens while calling for immense tax cuts for the wealthy.


To the pathological cheater, ALL of his victims are losers! And, they stand to lose more every moment he is not locked up. He is Putin's "human fragmentation bomb" dropped on the USA.


I'm sort of one of those people, having just been acknowledged as disabled by SSA. That is, unable to do any jobs appropriate to my education and experience, and that are available in the economy now to someone my age. Yet Mulvaney seems to think I ought to be self-supporting still.