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President Trump’s Corporate Government


President Trump’s Corporate Government

Robert Weissman

We’re 100 days into Corporate Government.

While giant corporations have for decades and on a bipartisan basis exerted far too much influence over government decision-making, we’ve never seen anything like the Trump administration.


...and 130 million people who voted for the Duopoly candidates last November wonder how we got here.


"President Trump’s Corporate Government"

Not if We the People incorporate before other corporations take over our government.

Incorporate the citizenry as equal voting shareholders of trillions in OUR government assets. Make our shares of stock non-negotiable. Poverty will end and democracy will rule.


The Democrats are corporate oriented quite enough, thank you. They're not so blatant about it.


The TPP comes to mind...


Corporations have become The People, meanwhile the living breathing human citizens are relegated to being nothing more than commodities and resources. Did the South really lose the Civil War?


Name us: TPP Inc. for The People's Party Incorporated.

Every person who joins is entitled to one share valued at $5 Million.

Want to be the CEO Natureboy? This is your idea.


Thank you PonyBoy. As CEO my first job would be to have online shareholder's meetings to decide every issue concerning our corporation, America Inc., USA Inc., We the People Inc., TPP Inc. or whatever we all decide to call it by online consensus. Snail mail-in propositions and ballots accepted, of course.