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President Trump’s Dramatic Retreat on Trade


President Trump’s Dramatic Retreat on Trade

Dean Baker, Jeff Hauser

Trade was a major theme in President Trump’s campaign.

He repeatedly complained that our trade negotiators were stupid and therefore had negotiated bad trade agreements. These bad trade deals are the cause of our trade deficits, which have cost us millions of manufacturing jobs over the last two decades.


When will everyone finally accept the fact that the Orangutan in a human meatsuit, is a Pathological Liar?


Of course Corporate Media (MSN) does not talk about it along with many other news stories pertinent to American People.

You would think after 40 years of not working in the peoples interests that someone could figure out how to get news out to all the people and even Fox news people (Trump supporters) and the religious right who might get women's rights for choice and medical care taken away from us.

We've depended on the Dem Party and they have been a complete failures for we the people but have profited handsomely from corporate donors.


The purpose of creating borders for nation states is to keep a handle on the regions resources. This has been true ever since there has been a nation state.
with gasoline as a weapon, the game has been to pretend that there are no limits to how much destruction can be wrought upon the planet.

With commerce already having established a hierarchy of power in the old world, the planet's populace has been misguidedly looking to the United States to level the playing field. All across the globe people have been hearing success stories of entrepreneurs in the US.

The ability to innovate with the right resources may be now a global phenomenon, not just a US one. Many in the US are locked out the resources they need to bring their ideas to fruition. An idea, after all, that will be guaranteed by the US chamber of commerce copyright and patent protection mechanism.

The cooperative mindset may dissolve these false advantages, and make the world habitable again. And these trade policies will become obsolete.


He is a flippin' bum, nothing more!


Interesting article in the NYTimes today comparing the Trump phenomenon to pro wrestling.

The tacit agreement: Wrestlers Trump, Alex Jones and Breitbart will talk about policy and pretend what they claim is true--the wrestling fan loyalists will emotionally identify while pretending they believe what the ideologues are saying.

The kicker: if the wrestlers/ideologues admit to being mere showman or the wrestling fan/voters admit to being a needy bunch of simpletons, the game's off.

Sadly, it makes sense.

My question: How do you reach a bunch of needy simpletons who are willingly complicit in their own fleecing?


Many of our local "needy simpletons" view life, politics and just about everything else as a never ending Clint Eastwood movie wherein Trump and his cohorts in crime fit the leading roles like a glove. Their silver bullet excuses include abortion and guns. If they ever applied any real thought to any issue of consequence they would need to take responsibility for their actions and stop blaming others...a totally foreign concept to them that they have never considered and never will consider.


Yep. Pro wrestling still claims a wide audience.