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President Trump Sued Over 'Immediate and Serious' Constitutional Violations


President Trump Sued Over 'Immediate and Serious' Constitutional Violations

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

It is his first Monday in office and U.S. President Donald Trump is being sued.

A team of prominent constitutional and ethics scholars filed the legal action with the U.S. District Court in the Southern District of New York early Monday, charging the billionaire real estate mogul with violating the constitutional clause that disallows officials from accepting benefits or gifts from foreign governments.


Perhaps we will be treated to the Lemon getting impeached.


"no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust ... shall, without the Consent of the Congress accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State.""

I think the congress will consent, however, would they have to do it for every foreign head of state who checks in at any of his hotels? They'll be mighty busy, perhaps too busy to do all the dastardly deeds they want to do. Hmmm, maybe this is going to work out OK.


Las Vegas odds are 4:1 that Trump will not last over 6 months. I wonder if those odds might even be better now that Trump is being sued!


I sure hope so. Although, we might not be better off with Pence taking his place.


This is Trump showing what he was used to compared to what it is. He thought that he could literally just do anything. Although i dont doubt that he will get off the hook. This ain't the Nixon days, If it would have been a Democratic, there would be more funding that what 9/11 received in its investigation. Funny that that actually happened.


I'm afraid those wouldn't be "Las Vegas odds," as I don't know where in the US anyone legally takes bets on politics. Maybe London. Please clarify, or at least give us a source we can follow.


If I understand correctly, this will, unless somehow stonewalled, fast become a SCOTUS case. I wonder if and/or how the process provisions might impact the functions of the occupant of the office of POTUS.
I'd imagine that given Citizens United, this is a major stage that the oligarchy has been waiting for- and perhaps why the Republican and Democratic parties have engaged the nauseating styles of political gymnastics for the past 50 years.
It is reminiscent of Curling


Yes, Pence is not much better but it might send him a signal; especially after the beautiful, powerful, and highly successful women's, marches all over the world . And I am proud to say... my two sisters contributed.


Michael Moore.


Chris Hedges recently observed that the Washington establishment, very unhappy that the unpredictable Trump was elected in the first place, has already begun a process of distancing themselves from Trump so they can impeach and remove him from office. That way, Pence can become POTUS, who is perceived to be easier to manipulate.

At the moment, the grass roots who oppose Trump are picking up steam and I'm sure that's scaring the crap out of the establishment. For that reason, I hope Trump's lawyers are worth the gratuitous sums he's paying them. The last thing we need is another "acceptable" POTUS who will pursue the same disastrous course for our country but with a smile instead of a scowl.


The headline I would like to see:

Trump: the million ladies or more, that marched yesterday, including my two sisters, should show you, you are in big,big trouble!


That's not a source that can be followed. At the very least, I need to know where and when he said it.

Here, however, is something we can go ahead and do: The "We the People" petition page is still up, and I've started one demanding information on djt's entanglements. Please sign on.


It was also reported in the Independent.


Yes, because only in the UK and Ireland is that kind of betting legal.


Just signed. Thanks.


Donald... It's gold. If you can't let go of it, you will sink and drown, since you're standing in a swamp. It's just gold, Donald. It's not anything useful, like, say, an apple.
He's too greedy to let go, so he'll drown, and then we'll take the fight to Pence.
Peace and love, everyone


Thanks. Just signed.


President Trump: YOU'RE FIRED!


If Congress consents to this, it's time to storm the Castle my friends!