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President Trump's War On Children


President Trump's War On Children

Marian Wright Edelman

Our nation’s budget should reflect our nation’s professed values, but President Trump’s 2018 Federal Budget, “A New Foundation for America’s Greatness,” radically does the opposite. This immoral budget declares war on America’s children, our most vulnerable group, and the foundation of our nation’s current and future economic, military and leadership security.


Is there a lawyer out there with the stones to take on a pro-bono class action lawsuit with the 14.5 million children suffering in poverty, against the President of the United States who through his budget would be guilty of neglect of these children?


From Flint, Michigan to all over Syria and Yemen–Trump doesn’t give a God Damn about children, his crocodile tears over gassed children not withstanding.


A rather tragic argument. Don’t you think it is time to consider being world citizens who study and advocate peace?


Sometimes I don’t know what to write when my sensibilities are assaulted the way that’s occurring on a daily basis as I watch the remnants of a once decent country be dismantled in a blatant disregard for the citizens that reside here. This has been going on for a while, through various administrations, in a way that both destroys people and the planet. We are now left with remnants of manufacturing with countless empty factories and the children born of parents of once decent paying factory jobs left to live in poverty as parents struggle to buy food. The government did nothing to stop business from leaving to where work was cheaper, closing plants, without a care for the folks that gave their lives to a decent community. It’s now gone, relics of a bygone era, in dismal despair without a care for what the folks face in growing economic ruin. No one in power seems to care and that has to change if we are to survive.


Children are getting it because children always do. The great oppressed minority on this misbegotten planet are children of every race, age, and gender. The Trump budget is what class warfare looks like when it gets naked, flashes, and says I dare you to stop me from doing this.

The obsession with supposed finagling by Russia is exactly what some on “our” side are saying, a way to get rid of Trump, who the Deep State ops and their banker buds and MIC weapon makers want to get rid of while at the same time rebooting the Cold War which was useful to them for such a long tine.

They want someone in there who hasn’t undressed and who, like the neoliberals used to do, helps their allies take everything they want and repress anyone who is the least bit threatening to them while maintaining the appearance for doing it for the good of the people.

I don’t know if they chose Trump and purposely put him there to be The Great Rude Stooge or just figured out how to make the best use of him.

James Howard Kunstler nailed it as usual in his recent blog entry saying that a “fifth column of rogue intel agencies has recruited the major organs of the news to incessantly repeat its allegations until the public accepts the story as established fact rather than just the manufactured story it so far appears to be. Well, the lives of persons and societies founder on versions of the ‘reality’ they fabricate for their own purposes.”

We the citizenry are being royally played. Trump will go in some dramatic way, Mike Pence will be ordered to talk nice and reassure the populace that the Big Bad Wolf is dead and gone and everyone can now breathe a huge sigh of relief as things get back to “normal.”

Until something wins the race between the economy, the infrastructure, the war mongers, and the climate to see which gets to fall on us all and bury us in rubble first. Happy days will be here again till then.


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