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Presidential Candidates, Each Sold Separately


Presidential Candidates, Each Sold Separately

Ciara Torres-Spelliscy

Mark Hanna used to say, "there are two things important in politics.The first is money and I forget the second." The next president will take the oath of office in 2017, but between now and then expect a lot of money to be spent buying the ear of the next president. The large amount of spending will be driven in part because there are presently 22 candidates vying for the two major party nominations. If Prof. Lawrence Lessig makes it official, there will be 23.


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Yes, the mega-donors have their picks in this litter. And, the RNC and DNC have their apparatchiks lined up to funnel the money for the benefit of certain constituencies and policy implementers. However, under the guise of The Federal System, which we all live under despite our different zip codes, the rules of the game make the issues universal. The Living Wage and Single Payer ( Medicare For All ) are national issues. Our tax code is a national issue, too. Criminal Justice and on and on…And, that makes the selection and buying of candidates by the Money Class a national issue and all voters universal citizens of the U.S. So what if it costs $40 million dollars to run ads in California or Florida. If we’re concerned voters ( a big question that ), rich or not, we can cap the giving of political contributions in Federal Elections to $500 per person, trackable by your SS#. Primaries are capped at $250 per person and trackable under the same rules. Fines would be 100Xs over the amount of the excess contributions and the candidates receiving this excess would be personally liable and fined, as well. Overgive $2000 and you pay $200,000 in fines .No Corporate or group, foundation, whomever, giving and/or PACS, at all. The Federal laws apply to all and this should be done that way, too. States can and will write their own rules of the road but this gets at the " grafter, grifter, hoodwinker, bamboozler, hornswoggler and swindler " bunch where most of the pork and pay-to-play, lives. Quite well, I might add. It would also put an end to the shenanigans and debacles of our foreign policy and state depts. too. No more foreign countries like Saudi Arabia or Israel or foreign banks " meddling " in our national affairs. " End their privileged right to buy and watch their privilege wither and die. " The ballot or bullet is still the question and the money will decide which is chosen. Here’s to hoping the rich are smart enough to figure out what’s in their best interest.


“Seventeen mega spenders are already backing Republican Bush and Democrat Clinton, who may end up as respectively the most popular GI Joe and American Girl doll of 2016. For example, John Tyson, chairman of Tyson Foods, has supported both Bush and Clinton. The same is true of Richard Parsons, the former head of Time Warner, and David Stevens, the CEO of the Mortgage Bankers Association.”

Conservatives fear change. What is more conducive to the stability of their bottom lines ($!!!) than maintaining the seamless continuity of Bush family dynasty changing titles (and chairs) with Clinton family dynasty.

These two families, propped up by Big Money and obedient to Deep State interests are guilty of WAR CRIMES, global levels of financial graft, ecocide on an unfathomable level, and so much more.

That these two “alternatives” can be seriously propped up and offered under the illusion of “choice” says all that needs to be said about Democracy as theater, Inverted Totalitarianism in its place: replete with all the politics as game show diversions that a captured mass media can conjure or connive.


Excellent article that explains things better than most while using far fewer words. That closer is a keeper in and of itself.

The oligarchs are creating their own nominating primaries. Like when there were nobles in the Ancien Regime era, our servile politicians curry favor (donations) from the hands of the wealthy and powerful (nobility).

Bernie is our last chance to roll back oligarchy before it becomes set in concrete and virtually impossible to dislodge.

We have one anti-oligarchy champion … I hope we get him in our white house.


You seem to believe that the POTUS is something other than an oligarchal stooge; I don’t.