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Presidential Candidates Should Declare Their Stance on "Costly Failure of the NSA's Unconstitutional Mass Surveillance Program," Says Snowden

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/26/presidential-candidates-should-declare-their-stance-costly-failure-nsas

100 million wasted. Here one thing that could be done with that money.

Fund Corona virus research and containment rather then cut heating oil subsidies to the poor to do so.


“Largely useless”. I like that.

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Thank you, Edward Snowden, for initially drawing attention to this problem.


“At the cost of $100 million and phone logs from every American, the NSA’s phone metadata program led to just two new intelligence reports from 2015 to 2019.”

Everybody get it? This program had nothing to do with intelligence or terrorism, and almost everything to do with pre-emptive blackmail. Everybody remember the last time the Senate Intelligence Committee tried to investigate the CIA, one of their jobs. The Agency hacked their official computers, they got caught, but that ended the investigation. This program eliminated the need to do that, without the possibility of getting caught.
Of course there’s the side benefit for law enforcement, as long as they fabricate a source for the information.


I don’t understand how this is news/worth a column and I don’t understand how this could be sustained for so many years at that cost. Very efficient I would say.

It has been sustained for so many years for the same reason the Unpatriot Act has been sustained for that long–all 3 branches of the US Government are utterly corrupted.

All 3 have violated their oath to protect and defend the US Constitution.


Permanent Record by Edward Snowden might be a good read for those interested. There are some good interviews about it on you tube too.