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Presidential Elections in Haiti: The Most Votes Money Can Buy

Presidential Elections in Haiti: The Most Votes Money Can Buy

Jake Johnston

On Monday, Haiti’s Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) announced that the preliminary results of the October 25 presidential and legislative elections, expected to be announced today, would be delayed until Thursday. The delay has been attributed to the formation of a committee by the CEP to investigate allegations of fraud coming from political parties and local observer groups. The committee consists of five members of the electoral council. Of the 162 complaints received, the committee says 43 are being followed up on, though few are placing their trust in the process.

Poor Haiti seems ever doomed to suffer throughout history. Even to this day its misery is ignored by Americans including black Americans. Black Lives Matter but not if they are Haitian in effect. There are so many well educated and skilled black (and white) Americans who could volunteer their time and skills to help finally bring Haiti out of the slavery they were first to throw off their chains so long ago but have never caught a break ever since.

Civil rights - equal rights - never quite made it to Haiti did it? Do their Haitian Lives Matter to Black America? Doesn’t look like it to be honest about it.