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Presidential Hopefuls “Mistaken” on Iraq


Presidential Hopefuls “Mistaken” on Iraq

Stacy Bannerman

The Iraq war was many things, but it was not was a mistake, as the current cluster of presidential hopefuls are claiming . Taking a wrong exit off the interstate is a mistake. Taking a wrong premise and turning it into the biggest foreign policy bloodbath in modern American history is political psychopathology. Missing a credit card payment is a mistake.


“Politicians who perpetuate the myth that the war—a war that has burdened
the families of the fallen with a lifetime of purposeless, unnecessary
loss—was a mistake are committing a sort of socially sanctioned sadism.
Sentencing the hundreds of thousands of warriors wounded for a falsehood
to live the rest of their lives missing parts of their bodies, minds,
and souls is justice only in the courtroom of hell. Consigning the
caregivers (mostly wives and mothers) and children of those injured
veterans to sadder, sicker, shorter lives due the proven mental and
physical health consequences of providing that care, and the profoundly
detrimental impact of the transgenerational transmission of combat
trauma, is abject evidence that their lives do not, in fact, matter.”

Ummm…weren’t some Iraqis injured as well???


“It was a betrayal of the public trust. It was a breach of the contract America has with the men and women in uniform and the families who support them. It was an abdication of this country’s democratic responsibility to conduct due diligence prior to declaring war. It was a moral failure of the highest order, and a violation of who we have claimed ourselves to be as a Christian nation.”

This is a chilling statement and I think it’s reprehensible to find it on Commondreams!

This is NOT a Christian nation! This is a nation founded on freedom FROM religion and freedom from the kind of tyranny that sees imperfect, often arrogantly narrow-minded authority figures using the name of God as false witness to the things they elect to do!

Furthermore, while I can empathize with the pain of caring for wounded troops, the real problem is the type of top-down authoritarian military STRUCTURE that instructs people to leave their personal morality, integrity, and judgment “at the door” and in its place, just follow orders.

While there’s no question that drones do a whole lot of killing, the military machine still requires warm bodies and it just might come to a stop in all its killing fields were soldiers to reject the missions on the basis of those lies. It’s rather easy to say that they were betrayed… given the fact that signing up for the armed forces is primarily about killing.

And killing is NOT what Jesus would do. As a matter of fact, the FACT that so many churches pushed the war agenda in the Middle East is proof of how far from the teachings of the Masters institutionalized patriarchal religion has gone. In my view, IT is the anti-Christ.


This is from Father Dear. if Ms. Bannerman returns to these threads, I hope she will read his words… and those he quotes from Oscar Romero:

"The counsel of the Gospel to turn the other cheek to an unjust aggressor, far from being passive or cowardly,” he wrote, “shows great moral force that leaves the aggressor morally overcome and humiliated. The Christian always prefers peace to war.”

“I would like to make an appeal in a special way to the men of the army, to the police, to those in the barracks. Brothers, you are part of our own people. You kill your own campesino brothers and sisters. And before an order to kill that a man may give, the law of God must prevail that says: Thou shalt not kill! No soldier is obliged to obey an order against the law of God. No one has to fulfill an immoral law. It is time to recover your consciences and to obey your consciences rather than the orders of sin. The church, defender of the rights of God, of the law of God, of human dignity, the dignity of the person, cannot remain silent before such abomination."