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Presidential Psychopathy: Trump At the Border


Presidential Psychopathy: Trump At the Border

Kathleen Barry
A broad range of Americans deplore the cruel and inhumane treatment of immigrants, especially the separation of them from their children ordered by Donald Trump. But we see him responding with macho bullying and grandiose threats riddled with his unbridled racism against people he wants to keep out of his country. His cold, highly aggressive behaviors evidence the essential characteristics of psychopaths whose disregard for the welfare of others comes from an absence of both empathy and remorse, the foundations of conscience that make us human.


Remove the Psychopath.

Then, Remove those who enabled the Psychopath.


My not-so professional diagnosis of Trump:

He ain’t right.


He is a failure as a president, husband, father, businessman, human being, etc. He cannot bear being called a failure, and yet that’s what he is.


Barry sez: “The urgent question before us is: What is the US Congress going to do about him?”

Bow and scrape, apparently. As civilly as possible, of course.


The reality is that he is mentally ill. We have no roadblocks in either business or government that prevents the mentally ill from occupying seats of power.


We have to start defining how the Congress members and courts are USING the disruptions manipulated by the Trump cabal. Make no mistake, he opens paths of confusion, negating laws FOR A REASON! Capitalism/Imperialism is in the late predatory stage. Unless and until this is fully recognized, the predators can be expected to behave in manners similar to a pack of hyenas or other predators.

Human beings, unless traumatized, default to cooperative, empathetic creativity. Most of us have dealt or are dealing with varied forms of trauma and recognize deviant behaviour. We need community to cultivate the living networks and long term relationships this deviant occupant of the oval office continually squanders and scorns. Our organizations and neighborhoods are treasures worth fostering and nurturing. This is where we come together to find and foster leaders.


Trump is a Distraction - Chomsky


Troy, that’s a terrific interview section with Chomsky, one of my few heroes. Thanks for sharing it.
Where did you find it?


Every time we blame Trump for stuff like this we are actually participating in the political process that will insure it continues.

This is NOT about Trump’s evil. It is about the USA’s evil. This was going on before Trump and unless we make major changes, not just electing Democrats, it will go on after Trump.

Buying into the propaganda that Trump is to blame instead of the entire Capitalistic Imperialistic system is a way of covering up the problem. It’s part of the magician’s trick: “Don’t look over there… look HERE!”

Plus it is propaganda in order to elect Democrats. That’s why suddenly the horrors of the USA immigration system is suddenly in every Newspaper on every Cable News channel and flooding Facebook and Twitter. If this succeeds in finally motivating an unmotivated Democratic base to vote in November and put Democrats in power this concern will evaporate faster than spilled soda pop on a hundred and twenty degree concrete sidewalk on a super hot day.

This is also why the much worse horrors being propagated by the USA in Syria and through its proxies in Gaza and Yemen are simply ignored. The actual deaths of children by snipers, bombs, drones, starvation, and epidemic is less upsetting to cultural liberals than children being detained apart from their parents only because the system doesn’t want them upset about the former and so doesn’t feed them information about it.

This is why cultural liberals are upset about a travel ban targeting people from Syria, Libya, Yemen, and Somalia but aren’t upset about the terror done to these people in their own countries by the American Imperial Project. This is why cultural liberals are upset about the mistreatment of immigrants at the border but aren’t upset about the violence and poverty they are fleeing in Central America. If the propaganda system focused on that it might lead to people waking up and realizing the Democrats are as much to blame as the Republicans, that this isn’t just a Trump problem.

Stop blaming Trump. Start blaming the USA and seeing Trump is just one more cog in the wheel of this.

If you really want to resist don’t just refuse to serve Huckabee Sanders- you better refuse all the Democratic leadership and former Democratic administration folks to as well as the Republican ones.

The bottom line? You are being played. Your outrage is real. But the people directing your attention leading to your outrage are as pyschopathic as Trump. Don’t let them use you. Resist the real power, not the clown they created to draw your attention.


There are more Chomsky talks on YouTube Toni. Best regards.


Touché. You nailed it.




You’re right about the psychopathy. I did his diagnosis from the DSM on Common Dreams here:
Katherine van Wormer


Hell if that happened there would be no one left in the federal government or mainstream news…so a net positive overall.


Study his eyes.


Yes, the psychopath is a danger to the republic, democracy, the environment, health and safety of the population, usury as normal "business, and so much more, but he is following influences that have been subverting our nation and people for many decades.

Not least of which is Israeli right-wing subversion thru AIPAC the sycophant traitors in Congress, and agets of the Israeli state apparatus (Mossad)! Israeli racism wants and needs cover for its crimes against humanity…distractions to its own war crimes and depraved indifference for the lives of all others, and what better diversion than psychopath idiot trump and all the diversions he delivers…trump is highly influenced-by and lap-dog-to, Israeli malignant influence…which brings us to the border atrocities/abuse and the wall.

The separation of families, general racist agenda, home demolitions and displacement (read ethnic cleansing), training US cops by Israel, IN Israel, and depraved indifference for Palestinian rights and lives has been well documented and that evil has been metastasized very intentionally to America in many ways!.

The truth is Israeli extremism has subverted our politics, elections, foreign and domestic policy, Congress, WH (very), militarization of police, and much more…including how our supposed leaders can commit acts of abuse to children and families trying to escape extremist violence and abuse in their country’s where thay can get NO justice!..coming soon to a state near you!



Like I said, "Remove the Psychopath, and then remove those who enabled the Psychopath.

Yes, very positive move indeed.


Yes, he truly is the miniscule-minded prictator!


Your article brings out what I’ve been saying since the trumptard won the presidential lottery – that bush-dark’s unpresidential behavior is responsible for the prictator being elected.