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Press Freedom Advocates Say New US Indictment Against Julian Assange 'Could Not Be More Dangerous'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/25/press-freedom-advocates-say-new-us-indictment-against-julian-assange-could-not-be




I doubt he will ever leave that prison.


From Greenwald’s tweet:

“The Trump DOJ’s attempt to imprison Julian Assange for working with his source to publish classified documents that exposed US war crimes is the most severe US threat to press freedom since 2016. It’s sickening to watch so many journalists ignore it, & so many liberals cheer it:”

We must remember that liberals are not necessarily progressive. The label is good cover for many who embrace the establishment. We must remember that most journalists are not independent.


Love him or hate him Julian Assange did his journalistic job and great whistleblowing favor for all. Imprison honest journalists and we are finished. If anyone needs to be imprisoned for the message they are spreading it’s our president and his cronies.


I think the correct term for the “liberals” Grreenwald is describing is NEOliberals. And neoliberals. IMO, are not really liberals at all. They are faux liberals. They like to think of themselves as liberal because they are in fact “liberal” on a few social issues, but on matters of the economy (they worship at the altar of crony capitalism) and American imperialism and war, they are on the same page with Republicans. They still delude themselves into thinking that the Democratic Party is liberal. And of course anybody on the right thinks Democrats are liberal too. Hell, they even think Democrats are outright socialists. But of course nothing could be further from the truth. Most Democrats (neoliberals) hate socialists and socialism as much as Republicans do. .


The trump/RepubliCon regime is a threat to everything they touch; an extremist ignorance that is a threat to our republic, political integrity, our fragile environment, health of millions, for-profit wars and “law-enforcement” and so much more.

Responses by trump&co to critical issues facing Americans and, the world, our common environment, on the other hand, are invariably ignored, trashed and made much worse, treated in a criminally negligent and incompetent, and morally bankrupt manner.

Policies by this cabal of criminal stupidity are always focused or based on greed, racism, poisoning the Earth, fomenting war, enriching cronies, creating private-profit opportunities by destroying The Commons and social safety-net for the most vulnerable among us or just polluting natural resources for private profit while they empower the polluters.

How in any sane just, or even marginally moral world, is this regime and those behind it not committing crimes against humanity and our health and safety almost by the hour?

WE must demand accountability and total reversal of all they have destroyed during the tenure of the rot infesting our nation by all those involved - allowing any party to the trump regime atrocities and outrages to escape is not acceptable! Any politician saying; "we must look forward and not “backward” - that is a fraud of the most despicable and complicit nature! Any politician that does not demand accountability - full and thorough and severe - should be targeted for reprisals for their de facto complicity to the crimes of trump & Co!

Without accountability and prosecutions and imprisonment there is no justice, only complicity, craven cowardice, and abdication of duty to our republic, planet, society and future!!


You Foolish Men

by Sur Juana Ines de la Cruz

You foolish men who lay
the guilt on women,
not seeing you’re the cause
of the very thing you blame;

if you invite their disdain
with measureless desire
why wish they well behave
if you incite to ill.

You fight their stubbornness,
then, weightily,
you say it was their lightness
when it was your guile.

In all your crazy shows
you act like a child
who plays the bogeyman
of which he’s then afraid.

With foolish arrogance
you hope to find a Thais
in her you court, but a Lucretia
when you’ve possessed her.

What kind of mind is odder
than his who mists
a mirror and then complains
that it’s not clear.

Their favour and disdain
you hold in equal state,
if they mistreat, you complain,
you mock if they treat you well.

No woman wins esteem of you:
the most modest is ungrateful
if she refuses to admit you;
yet if she does, she’s loose.

You always are so foolish
your censure is unfair;
one you blame for cruelty
the other for being easy.

What must be her temper
who offends when she’s
ungrateful and wearies
when compliant?

But with the anger and the grief
that your pleasure tells
good luck to her who doesn’t love you
and you go on and complain.

Your lover’s moans give wings
to women’s liberty:
and having made them bad,
you want to find them good.

Who has embraced
the greater blame in passion?
She who, solicited, falls,
or he who, fallen, pleads?

Who is more to blame,
Though either should do wrong?
She who sins for pay
or he who pays to sin?

Why be outraged at the guilt
that is of your own doing?
Have them as you make them
or make them what you will.

Leave off your wooing
and then, with greater cause,
you can blame the passion
of her who comes to court?

Patent is your arrogance
that fights with many weapons
since in promise and insistence
you join world, flesh and devil.

Written approximately 1670

They probably really hate Assange the most for publishing documents from TISA, which exposed us, the US as pushing for a scheme - global in scope to outsource skilled labor of all kinds. Those schemes are intended to hurt the highest paid workers in developed countries like our own (that basically includes all US workers - not just high paid ones).

In fact the advocates for these schemes, which prop up the lowest wage countries by giving them contracts to do jobs in rich countries once done by public sector workers, say again and again that the biggest “efficiency gains” will come from outsourcing/offshoring all jobs. (not just the professional ones)

Assange is to be commended for publishing the documents which should be a wake up call to everybody that the real goal of the US is privatizing public services of all kinds and turning sales of services into entitlements literally owned by corporations in all practical terms irreversibly.

Only services that are provided totally free (not on a commercial basis) and having not even so much as one competitor in an entire country, are exempted, assuming no commitments have been made in them. Almost no public services anywhere qualify, so ultimately almost all of them must, bit by bit be privatized. Reversing course is not allowed, except in emergencies. And those exceptions must be temporary and minimal in scope and duration.

The goal of the TISA is clear, carrying on the work ofthe WTO in nullifying the threats posed by the idea of healthcare, education, water, roads and housing as human rights by turning the sales of access to them into corporate rights that cannot be challenged except internationally, with great difficulty…

Lowering wages for everybody globally.

It shows how now, profit is king.

Both parties are now run by people who literally don’t care about most of the people in this country.

Now its free sailing towards the successful completion of the global corporate takeover.


State secrets are coverups for heinous deeds by the U.S. government and has nothing to do with the security of the country. Essentially, as in Assange’s case, reporting these truths is no crime but a threat to the facade of decency these criminal politicians (drone Obama, Clinton, Bush, Trump etc) whose hands are soaked in innocent blood no different than serial masse murderers. Unfortunately too many Americans support their country “right or wrong” and the media is guilty of turning a blind eye since it’s corporate owners (war profiteers) now control them (unlike the pentagon papers era). Assange is a true hero who is being punished for publishing truth.


“The indictment continues to charge him with violating the Espionage Act based on WikiLeaks publications exposing war crimes committed by the U.S. government.”
—Barry Pollack, attorney for Julian Assange

Publishing and exposing the truth about the American, government’s war crimes and their war criminals in a time of universal Amerikan, deceit and Amerikan lies cannot be tolerated by the Amerikan, fascist regime!

Assange did not violate the Espionage Act…ASSANGE VIOLATED, the lie act!


A 738 billion $$$$$$ A YEAR war racket supported by the con: ENDLESS ENEMIES; FOR ENDLESS WARS; FOR THE RACKET OF ENDLESS WAR PROFITS!

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Greenwald’s tweet sums up my reaction to this news perfectly - sickening to see “journalists” ignore and “Democrats” cheer.

Agreed 100%
What you’re pointing out is great proof that there’s at least some truth to the phrase that “people get the government they deserve.”

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He won’t. If super rich Jeffrey Epstein can be gotten rid of under mysterious circumstances in a prison, then it’s a certainty that Assange will be, too.


Julian WHOOO?

A somewhat different case though. Epstein had the “dirt” on a lot of people. That’s why he had to be “taken care of”. Julian has already revealed the “dirt”. They want to make an example of him. And punish him for daring to “buck the system”.


The pro-Israeli press which is ALL the press wants Assange prosecuted to hide the war crimes of the USA as well as Israeli crimes against the Palestinians. Which is why the dancing Israelis at 911 were cheering the Mossad op.

And unfortunately for the U.S. the government is fascism. Just hate how the rest of the world has to suffer too because of it.

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Julian Assange is a hero, relentless in his quest to tell us the ugly truth about our country. So many of us are idiots, relentless in our patriotism for a country which doesn’t deserve our respect.
Great Britain is a coward for doing our bidding and standing ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with the corrupt USA which will go to any lengths to persecute truth-tellers.