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Press Freedoms 'At Tipping Point,' Reporters Without Borders Says


Press Freedoms 'At Tipping Point,' Reporters Without Borders Says

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

"Media freedom is under threat now more than ever," Reporters Without Borders said in its latest World Press Freedom Index, adding that these freedoms may now be at "a tipping point."


We may not want to face just how bad it is becoming because it is happening so fast. Trump and the elitist right across the world (defined as anti-democracy forces) have begun a Blitzkreig attack against all aspects of democracy. I can almost imagine a Louie the 14th's style extravagance in the face of the starving peasantry attempting a comeback in spirit among our ruling elites!

The right wing is the Elite Wing in this era. The world wide conspiracy of greed - where the greedy elites of one country work in concert with the greedy elites of other countries to plunder the commons once again. In this Internet Era, the ruling elites are making a play for information control and personal data intimidation (as yet soft intimidation and self censorship).

The elites seek to attain an overt political control that doesn't really attempt to disguise itself by looking like democracy. They want the overt and open fascistic power but as yet with the jackboots (militarized police) still waiting in the wings. The return of the wealthy High Nobility class that seeks control of everything. A class power that was once common in the Middle Ages.

We won't need to call them Dukes and Barons nor Princes and so forth but that type of power is what is rapidly falling upon the world. Extreme Money is anti- democracy by nature and now it seeks open control of governments. It seems significant that here on the cusp of climate chaos that the elites who purport to deny global climate change are hurriedly ensuring their control is set in stone right before climate chaos smashes aagainst us.

They know that climate change is real but don't admit to that publicly only because they seek to grab what they can while the getting is still good mentality.

Greed is universal and so is the penalty it exacts in everyone else! Dark days lie ahead of us if we think that greed will limit abuse!


Let's all move to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland.


I guess we need to start practicing our obsequious bowing and scraping skills.


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I ain't saying 'Sire' to nobody!