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Pressed By Warren, Carson Can't Promise Trump Won't Benefit From HUD Contracts


Pressed By Warren, Carson Can't Promise Trump Won't Benefit From HUD Contracts

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, Donald Trump's pick to lead the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), refused to say on Thursday that the Trump family would not benefit in any way from HUD incentives if he is confirmed as secretary.


In addition to him being completely unqualified, Carson's behavior is just creepy.


I think Trump's decision to become POTUS was strictly a business decision.


The Don King of Brain Surgeons. He needs to be put in a rubber room, and have to listen to Avril LaVinges' Freak Out, until his old rubber bands fiinally snap. What a useful tool and another Trump fool.


So, is EW going to become as exercised about all the other rich developers who get wealthy off of HUD contracts as she is over Trump?

People are not aware that HUD has used public/private collaborations to induce investment into low income housing?

If Trump has some apartments set aside for low income people, HUD subsidizes those rents, as it does with any number of developers.

I can understand that these arrangements could be objectionable, but they are being used everywhere, and if people don't like the way the public money is being spent, they should contact their representatives (snort, as if the reps even care).

In fact, if Trump does get subsidized with HUD money, it probably is no different than Nancy Pelosi's husband taking advantage of defense contracts.


Exactly. Nor any different from Congresspeople benefiting from an upswing in their stock(s), due to their vote(s) on various bills.


LOL. I said in an article yesterday or day before that we could be living on Trump's land. Awesome! This is a time i hate being right. I wonder how our Native American friends are going to fare. They have more to lose than any of us. I can see Trump violating treaties with them very easily.


This may all be true but if there's a law against 'black kettles,' then pointing out the 'pots' are also black is irrelevant.

I must admit to finding the idea in this saying to be hightly offensive. I want another way of saying something is hypocritically objectionable because this one contains the pernicious idea that 'black' is bad.


I doubt you could find a treaty that hasn't already been violated by the US government. Not that that would absolve TD.


Regarding the relevancy, I would disagree. I shouldn't try to speak for 4thefuture; but, I believe our comments were basically suggesting that Congress, in general, has a huge ethics problem that needs to be addressed by its members, if they ever going to gain an acceptable approval rating and level of trust from the public. All this press regarding Trump's conflicts of interest is certainly hypocritical, given the apparent lack of the press concern with regard to Congress members' many conflicts of interest.


HuffPo sez: "Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) criticized Warren's line of questioning, saying it would start a 'fake news cycle.'"

Over the last half of the Cheneybush error, every criticism was blunted and nullified by "9-11!"
Trump hasn't yet placed his tiny hand on the bible and I'm already sick of "fake news" as the new euphemism for "truth".


Not going to happen. Congress is controlled by the Republicans. They are the champions of the Rich. America has elected Nero.


Since when did you promise to speak for Native Americans? Anyone, actually.


Now we are begining to grasp it. The ministry of Truth is now in full operation. Real is fake, and fake is real.
And the rubes of America? They don't have a clue because they aren't smart enough or sophisticated enough to figure it out.
Orwell was a seer.


I hear that. I wonder how they will be able to protect themselves. The US has used the FBI to start a civil war in the Lakota tribe back in the 70's so we could do bare uranium extraction that toxified their water. The FBI was found in a Congressional hearing several years ago to have prompted at least 54 terrorist attacks in our country. So how can anyone protect themselves from these treasonous "people"? I will be going to Nativetimes.com often. They usually have the most up to date issues. Keeping an eye on their problems should clue us in for what's to come for us.


Gee, I don't know. Maybe because my father and his family is Native. Huh, imagine that. A decedent of Native Americans speaking up for Native Americans, what a concept. Or is my blood not pure enough for you? Dont be an racsist a**hole plz.


The selection of Carson for HUD Secretary is just bizarre to me. If I needed brain surgery in order to survive, why would I hire an auto-mechanic to do the job? Yeah, that auto-mechanic might be the smartest, most effective mechanic in his trade, but would I trust him to open up my head and save my life? Of course not!

On the same token, why is a brain surgeon the best pick to handle a multi-billion dollar entity designed to provide housing to America's poor?

It just doesn't make any sense.

As for Warren's criticisms about Trump potentially benefiting from HUD grants, I think she's barking up the wrong tree. Democrats are just as guilty as Republicans for using taxpayer money to enrich their own business interests. Instead of grilling Carson about Trump's real estate portfolio, she should have been grilling him on basic HUD regulations and grant requirements. (Not the complex stuff, just the basics) Then we would have been able to see how uniquely unqualified he was to do the job.


The problem is, as with all memes and stereotypes, is that the "fake news" meme has enough truth behind it in order to keep it going. The MSM notoriously promotes phony news stories at the behest of the Government to the point where I don't think even they know the difference between "fake" and "truth" anymore.

This gives Trump the ability to nullify any news story he doesn't like as "fake", and since we already know there's a lot of fake news out there already, we can't just dismiss Trump's accusation out of hand. That gives Trump the power of the podium to say whatever he likes while the rest of us scramble to determine what's true and what isn't.

It's enough to make your head spin!


Sounds a bit like you're against public housing. I'm concerned more about how the people getting the government money spend it (inflated costs of public housing improvements).


T-dump considers his capture of the U S presidency as a huge business deal that will fill his coffers and those of his progeny, his banksters (Goldman Sachs trash, son-in-law included) holding his notes tightly by his privates while all laughing, belittling and scoffing at the ignorant public that selected (not legally elected by any manner or means) them with the blessings of the Congress and soon, SCOTUS. He will profit from any and all of the cabinet anointments and those organizations while dismantling the EPA, trashing the Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species Acts defying and disregarding any climate change science and/or international protocol; sending millions of Americans to their demise by shredding the ACA leaving them without any and all access to affordable health care or any kind of safe, secure life for themselves or their families; raping the environment while opening up all public lands including national parks, national monuments, wilderness areas to energy extractors; privatizing education so only the children of the wealthy can go to school K-University; bombing the crap out of any country (except Israel, of course) to hell and back; and otherwise destroying our planet and all life on it.

And his fawning adoring fans that elected him will be far more worse off than they ever dreamed they would be...who, by the way, are like rats abandoning sinking, scurvy-ridden death ships.

So much for fake promises from the flaming orange Satan. That is what happens when deals are made with the devil....