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Pressed on Climate Views and Ties to Shell Oil, Barrett Once Again Calls Established Climate Science 'Controversial'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/21/pressed-climate-views-and-ties-shell-oil-barrett-once-again-calls-established

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She’s Sam Alito in a red dress. A dangerous anti intellectual dingbat.
And she will be on the Supreme Court this time next week.


Make no mistake, this person was chosen for her views - views she is denying and /or evading, but they exist as sure as the sun still rises! The forces that pushed her to the top and seat on the SCOTUS are clearly corporate, profits above all else; religious extremists. Coney Barrett believes in corporate dominance, just as she believes in the dominance and superiority of men in her narrow world views - views that threaten the Republic and free society…
Take a good look at her images; you will see the devil inside her, that is expressed by her refusal to be honest to gain the seat her handlers have chosen her for! This person lacks the experience and her record is not one deserving in any way a seat - her “religious” extremism is a threat to all - a person with very definite loose screws! How could a tool of donald trump be anything else?
Those views she was chosen to serve - not the public or Common Good are a threat to the planet and general environment including allowing corporate polluters to continue and increase the poisoning of air, water, food, agriculture and “products” filled with untested and deadly chemicals produced to create “wealth” for a few at the very great expense and danger to the people - the 99%.
Coney Barrett is a threat to all including republicans as part of the thretened public and the future of the party and all thier children - to think that private profits and exploitation does anything for society, tthe Common Good or a sustainable future for all is fantasy - the kind of deadly greed, lies, and ignorance-dominated thinking that we have seen and experienced for the entire tenure of trump regime and all who sail in it - the kind of malignant narcissism and pathology that has been the entire life of donald trump! he has been the tip of the iceberg that is the global threat we must reject, fight, and expunge!


Another non-Scientist who knows better than one.


I know it is not PC to interrogate justice nominees about their religion, but there are already too many Catholics on the SCOTUS, way out of proportion in comparison to the national population, and adding another is not a good idea, especially since their religious beliefs clearly permeate the legal/Constitutional decisions they make.

It’s not simply being Catholic, it’s also belonging to extremist elements of it. Barrett’s version of Catholicism is particularly extremist. I would love to know what she thinks of Pope Francis, and Alito too, and if she follows or would follow the edicts if the church liberalized its views on LGBTQ issues, same sex marriage, contraceptives, and abortion.

Yes we are not supposed to bring up religion, but you know the right would be all over it if for some reason a Muslim was nominated to the SCOTUS.


If she wants to play the bimbo, let’s just label her BIMBO!

There was a nominee,
and BIMBO was her name OH,
And BIMBO was her name OH!


If this witch refuses to recuse herself from electoral disputes and hands the election to Trump, there will be hell to pay. - This could easily start the forming of Left wing militias!


She seems like a gun moll to me.

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The image which pops to mind is of the crime syndicates in Cuba before Castro, as pictured in “The Irishman”.

To call then ‘corporations’ is as misleading as calling a cruise missile an airplane.

PS: How are you maintaining your sanity down there. I’m having difficulty up here.

If any left-wing militias are formed, watch the hard right twist a ton of pretzel logic and try(not) to ban assault-style weapons. “Needs Test”, anyone?


Denial is used to continue the illusion.
Acceptance is for those that choose responsibility.

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Hey she’s no witch this cult burned all the so called witches .But I know what you mean.


Now, that’s funny!


Isn’t that sickening? Almost as sickening as The Flaming Orange Satan himself.


“Dangerous anti-intellectual dingbats” is another name for Conservatives.


And why do most of these “religious” groups end up being accused of sexual abuse. (Rhetorical):



Odd we’re not getting coverage of her “people of preys” cult being involved in child molestation. Isn’t that the prime obsession of the “Q” fanatics?


First, I do not go to an attorney, lawyer, judge for any science knowledge. Ever!!

Second, her dad was a lawyer for Royal Dutch Shell, An English firm out of London.
That connection to Amy is pretty darn weak, yet appears as a negative at CD.

Third, if there are climate cases climbing up thru federal courts, she is correct to not answer.
Perhaps these can be pollution cases.

The only controversy should be that this right-wing, anti-science, Bible-thumping bitch will replace a real jurist like RBG. What a DISGRACE, On “Democracy Now” this morning there was a Professor of Law at Fordham who stated that this appalling woman would be part of an disaster for the country. No wonder that Senate scumbag, Moscow Mitch, has dropped everything to get her confirmed. He has also been busy getting hundreds of right-wing judges appointed to lifetime positions in federal courts all over the country. I can think of no politicians that I loathe and despise more then Trumpo the Traitor and Turtle Boy. It is past time that we started to seriously ask ourselves how we have sunk so low and betrayed the best possibilities of our founding documents.


The last thing we need is a climate change denialist on the SCOTUS.

Won’t Democrats grow spines?