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Pressed on Surging Covid-19 Cases and Test Shortages, Trump Says US Is 'Envy of the World'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/19/pressed-surging-covid-19-cases-and-test-shortages-trump-says-us-envy-world


This is that “American Dream” that George Carlin referenced. It an Empire of Delusion. He died some time ago but his observations on the USA were astute for the times and prophetic for the future.

This is what happens when the people of a Country tell themselves or are told each and every day that they are the Worlds one “indispensable nation” , that their Country the “Shining City on the Hill” and that all that is good in the world exists because they exist.

When you hear a Politician or Media person or member of some Corporation make those pronouncements , tune them out. It is dangerous to your future.


‘Envy’ must be tRump shorthand for ‘laughingstock’.


When are these trump interviewers going to state the obvious:

“President trump, I hear what your saying… and it seems to me that you are either seriously deluded about the grave situation facing our country or you are consciously lying about it.”

so which is it?


US is the envy of the world and the world wont allow us to visit due to our complete lack of control over the pandemic. This makes complete sense to every single Trump voter.


tRump IS synonymous with “laughingstock”.


You just have to laugh:



We are “The envy of the World” for our response to the SARS CoV-2 pandemic.
Now there’s a statement from the ginger chancre that is either a baldfaced lie or delusional mental blather - in either case it shows the serious inability to fulfill the duties of a president - not that he ever has - to remove him from office via rubber truck to rubber room for observation…

Is there no law to assure that a person such as “the donald” devolving into massive pathological illness and fantasy be removed from office before he commits even more crimes, treasonous malfeasance, and destructive actions that threaten the public he ostensibly serves? No laws or elected reps with the integrity and moral compass to call-out the clear and present danger to the republic by even more “rolling-back” by executive fiat regulations and protections designed and passed by Congress to serve the health and safety of the American public?

I guess elected officials on vacation or wherever, are waiting to issue a strongly-worded chastisement to this corrupt and shallow threat to all we supposedly stand-for.

Pathetic and astonishing craven stupidity and ignorance by any standard! Kakistocracy indeed - and than some!!


Trump: That is one of the most stupid questions I have ever heard! How did an idiot like you ever become a reporter? You will not be allowed to interview me ever again!


Always Orwellian.
It’s the 5 year old Contrarian in him

As Mary Trump’s book emphasizes: “This IS who we are”.

Its time to stop pretending that Trump is an anomaly seeing how the GOP has been an organized crime syndicate at least since Newt’s 1995 contract on America and the Dimcritters have been enabling the syndicate since the 1985 Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) formation.

Trump IS "the envy of the world"s autocrats.


Maybe he meant to say enemy.


Maybe I’ll laugh if i ever stop crying.


So much winning.


The us is number one. Thanks to maga man. No wonder other countries are jealous

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When one lives in a world of realty star delusion- that’s where one perishes. Those of us living in the ‘real’ real world know enough to ignore Trumps ranting, listen to experts who know what they are talking about, and keep ourselves healthy and safe.


He would proudly say, “Both.”

Laugh through the tears if you can


Good to see Pittsburgh mentioned in the article. Allegheny county (Pittsburgh) and all the surrounding counties were lucky enough to avoid the initial wave of Covid in Pennsylvania. However, pressure from the local chambers Of commerce and their toady county commissioners have led to the reopening of businesses too soon. That, mixed with western PAs White trash throwing caution to the wind and frequenting their favorite Memorial Day vacation spots in myrtle beach, Jacksonville and Daytona beach and bringing the virus back with them, and we are seeing the perfect storm of stupidity cause a flare up.
Now our testing facilities are overrun. And yes, if you have symptoms you are told to stay home. Local hospitals (like the one my wife works in) are not releasing patient numbers (and they have grown exponentially since June 1) county coroners and funeral directors have asked for and been denied testing equipment from the state, so any one who dies at home is not counted among the Covid casualties.
And in the middle of this man made debacle, the local politicos, Republican and Democrat alike, are doing their best impression of Kevin Bacon at the end of Animal House as he screamed to a riotous crowd “All is well! All is well!”


Tell your pResident that many, if not most, Canadians do not envy the US in the least. The newest polls regarding the re-opening of the Canadian/US border say that most Canadians do not want the border re-opened this year!

Trudeau may be awful, but the Cons would have been as bad as tRump. I am glad I always vote for our left-leaning NDP, one of the opposition parties in gov’t, which was really instrumental in pushing for the economic benefits we received. As a senior, it helped pay for the extra costs of safe transportation for those of us who have no private vehicles and paid for shopping/delivery persons when we normally do not have to have someone else do it for us. These employees ensured that we seniors did not put ourselves and families at risk, though accepting that the risk was to them as well! I am so grateful to all who so willingly helped