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Pressley Applauded for 'Honest and Courageous' Message on Sexual Assault Allegations Against Joe Biden

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/05/pressley-applauded-honest-and-courageous-message-sexual-assault-allegations-against


Not a big fan of Joe, but Ms. Reade’s narrative has been an evolving one that seems suspect to me. Biden openly encouraged full release for all complaints on the matter, which is appropriate. This smacks of a swift-boat type attack–get the ideas flowing and let the percolation do the rest–straight out of the dirty tricks playbook. These four-year long campaign cycles are really destroying the ability of the nation to do anything productive. If Big Money could be taken out of the game, perhaps the campaigns could be shortened for sanity’s sake.


What possible motivation other than some sense of delayed closure, could Ms. Reade possess for baring her entire life’s story for the world to see and dissect?

How can her words ever be viewed as a means of personal enrichment?

Sexual assault and the subsequent black-balling at an early age can literally destroy one’s faith in people and institutions supposedly there to protect one against such atrocities.

I see her courage now, 27 years after a life changing event as she described, as a final attempt to enable America to see how rich, well positioned men have a different set of laws they live by, and how horribly unjust that is.


I encourage you to listen to Medhi Hassan’s interview with Ryan grim over at The Intercept.

The reason I point you in that direction is twofold.

First, Tara Reade’s story is unfolding in precisely in the way that many credible accusations of sexual assault do, in drips and drabs of more detail as the accusers gain courage. See the Weinstein and Cosby sagas as examples. Reade also opted to wait things out until her very young daughter was old enough to understand and fend off the attacks she was sure to be subjected to. You know, attacks along the lines of dirty tricks.

Second, the d-party has made quite a show of believing women. Al Franken resigned after being accused of far less than Biden, and the Biden supporter who ran him out of the Senate on a rail was Kirsten Gillibrand who “believed women.” Period. And when Judge Kavanaugh’s accuser(s) came forward with far less substantiated claims against him, Democrats lined up to “believe women.” Period.

But I guess believing women can get filed alongside calling Bill Clinton’s accusers “bimbos” (bimbos paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by Bill), under H for hypocrisy.

As for Pressley, her statement sounds like weasel words to me. Respect the accuser, do an investigation (the Senate refused to release any records of an alleged complaint against Biden yesterday due to privacy concerns!), blah, blah, blah – CYA and let Biden skate.


Don’t expect empathy from Biden or his campaign. In 2019 Biden stated as follows:
“The younger generation now tells me how tough things are, give me a break … I have no empathy”. He is devoid of empathy for anyone except the rich and his corporate sponsors.

But, it is an absurd notion to conflate Tara Reade’s accusations with Big Money in our elections,. There is zero causal connection. There are many corroborating facts supporting the truthfulness of Tara Reade’s accusations. Either she or Biden is a liar. There is no room in between that one is just mistaken. Biden has no credibility at all for truthfulness. He has lied throughout his public life up to this very day. His denial is meaningless. The whole case turns on whether there is sufficient corroborating evidence to believe her. Many people get convicted in criminal trials strictly on the basis of an accusation with little or no corroborating evidence. Biden is not on trial, he is just “going for a job interview”. The accusation and the corroborating evidence are sufficient here to deny him the job.


I too feel that Pressley’s comments leave much to be desired. What took her so long to step forward. good to see some male dems calling for an investigation into the charges.


But if we deny him the job, does Trump get it again?

What a horrible choice, though I, too, think he lied about not attacking her. I base this largely on his wimpish refusal to support Anita Hill. He thinks everyone is like him, I suppose – sexually attack or harass a woman and the world will support you as he and his cohorts supported him in his defense of Clarence Thomas.

If he IS elected, progressive and those of us who hate sexual evil deeds MUST make sure he doesn’t lie about anything else. We must ride him – the price he pays for lying and sexual misconduct. Being president does not let him off the hook as we are finally not letting trump off scott-free.


A sexual assault perpetrated by a man of great power against a powerless young woman, especially decades ago before the MeToo Movement, is a hugely traumatizing event, leading to a cascade of emotions including misplaced guilt and shame, wondering whether to blame oneself, making excuses for the perpetrator because how could this possibly have happened, wondering if you are going crazy, fear of repercussions personally and professionally if you speak out, and finally, yes, sometimes decades later, realizing that the reality is that you are a sexual assault victim. I know this from personal experience.


Ok, tRump Dem.

Because Party tRumps Principles, and it’s bipartisan.




damn dems can nominate someone else before the election happens. that is why I am so upset that Bernie threw in the towel way too early imho. ugh


It sure makes one wonder why Biden was acceptable for VP but not for president. The timing is horrendous.

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Agree with everything you said, and would like to point out that I believe the speculation at the time, re: Gillibrand, i.e., that she viewed Al Franken as a potential presidential candidate, and therefore a threat to Gillibrand’s own (ridiculous) run at “being prez…”

Gillibrand’s a piece of work. I’m all for the right to CHOOSE whether to exercise OUR 2a rights to bear arms or not–but she admitted to having LOADED LONG GUNS (not sure if they were rifles or shotguns) UNDER HER BED, with young children in the home. NOT SAFE, not okay, not cool.



I agree. What is disturbing is the degree to which the Dem’s Party power structure is rallying to trash Tara Reade, praise Biden’s response, and/or to declare the issue yesterday’s news.

To wit, Elizabeth Warren’s response: ttps://thehill.com/homenews/senate/496134-warren-calls-bidens-denial-of-sexual-assault-claim-credible-and-convincing


Gillibrand moved left over the course of her career, which is good.
She remains a centrist, which is not.

As for any presidential hopes she might have had, they were pipe dreams.
As for her #believewomen position, it’s a matter of convenience.


I totally agree with your assessment. Biden is a pathetic candidate and unworthy of our support - however we really need to get rid of Trump. After we get rid of Trump I guess we can try to get rid of Biden until maybe someday someone decent can get through. Either way we are more or less screwed but I’m now leaning towards just getting Trump out of office. He is a dismal failure and a threat to the average american.

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Biden did not “wimpishly” refuse to support Anita Hill. He was the leader of a systematic attack on her credibility. He refused to allow several women who were literally waiting in the wings of the Capitol building to testify in support of Anita. One had come out of her hospital bed to testify. They came forward even though they knew they were going to be crucified by Biden and the other senators.

The fact is that Biden does not have enough delegates to claim the nomination. He can still be prevented from getting it. It is not a choice between Trump and Biden now. If Biden gets elected there is no one, progressive or otherwise, that can make sure he doesn’t lie again. Specifically, how could that happen? You are going to elect him president and then say he will have to pay the price for lying? He hit the jackpot, what can you do later? Do you think Biden will give a shit about what people say about him AFTER he becomes president? He doesn’t even give a shit now.


If you elect him, you’ve just given him the okay to keep on doing what he does. Ride him all you want after you elect him. It will make zero difference.


So this is the ‘acid test’ for the DNC, and those avid Joe Biden supporters: if defeating His Orange Malignance is “the most important thing ever” then, with it being so obvious that the Tara Reade scandal poses a mortal threat to his candidacy, “the most important thing ever” is for Joe Biden to step down and return the courtesy that Senator Sanders showed him, and endorse Bernie Sanders for President. Simple.

What do you say, Biden supporters? If it’s so important to remove the Maligance, isn’t it incumbent upon Joe to improve the chances by eliminating this dire threat to a Democratic victory? By the rules of the game, Sanders has the vastly commanding second largest number of delegates. Hmm? What do you say?

If the answer is ‘no’, then it is obvious that the most important thing for the DNC and many Biden Supporters is not to allow the possibility of a Sanders victory (which would be virtually assured against Herr Drumph) and to guarantee the installation (or continuation) of yet another in a long string of Neoliberal/NeoCom monsters, that are assuring our race to extinction, and impoverishing, economically enslaving, or out-right murdering in pointless wars the majority of humans on the planet.

Biden is mortally damaged goods in this election:

He can’t run against lying - he’s a documented liar.
He can’t run against nepotism and corruption -Hunter Biden
He can’t run against ‘draining the swamp’, he’s been filling the swam as the Senator for Visa for decades
He can’t run as mentally strong against a deranged fool, because of his worsening dementia

He can’t run against Private Bone Spurs, because - despite being a high school athlete, he got multiple health deferments, like ChickenHawk Cheney

He can’t run against war-mongering because he’s a documented war-monger
He can’t run against the establishment because he is the establishment
He can’t run against sexual abuse (the “restoring the soul of America” BS) because of Tara Reade.
He can’t run against the Republican policies, because (historically) they’re his policies.

Biden must step down now for the good of the country and the world, and make way for the other candidate.