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Pressley Applauded for 'Honest and Courageous' Message on Sexual Assault Allegations Against Joe Biden

What is there to applaud?

Pressley is just asking for a better worded, more sincerely stated, set of lies where Biden denies everything.

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Yes. The choice is not Trump or Biden. We don’t have to put up with Biden.

The choice is who we replace Biden with. Biden doesn’t have a chance. If Trump wins, it will be because the DNC didn’t try to beat him.


Joe Biden is a victim just like Mike Tyson.

Just like the DNC by forcing HRC down our throats and lost.

Different day; same results…


In this case, Gillibrand says she believes Biden.

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Yeah, that was my point.

Impeachment? By a Democratic House? By a Democratic House led by Pelosi?
Strongly worded letters?
Magic wand?
Will anything improve when Vice President Hillary takes over?

Proggies can vote for Biden, but they should be realistic and honest about what they are doing. Imagining that a committee of unicorns will escort Biden out of office is just a self-inflicted psychological trick to rationalize a vote for a lousy nominee and avoid responsibility for casting it.

Progressives fantasize that Biden’s mental weakness will rescue them from another crypto-republican Presidency, but history shows that they shouldn’t count on it. When Woodrow Wilson had a stroke and when Reagan had Alzheimer’s disease, they stayed in office, and Presidential functions were performed by their cronies and their respective wives.

Incumbent Presidents are nearly impossible to remove. If Biden is elected, the DP establishment will support him in 2024 just like they did in 2020. If a Vice President replaces him in office, the DP establishment will support the new President.

If Biden is elected, progressives may not have a chance to elect a progressive President for as many as 16 years. If Trump is re-elected, progressives get that opportunity in the next election.

P. S. - h/t to Dave Lindorf for a good column about Wilson and Reagan that was published on CounterPunch a few days ago. (iirc)


No - I am suggesting that he can also be voted out of office. Progressives can continue to shine light on him if he serves and challenge him however they can. Maybe he won’t be the nominee. I’m suggesting voting against these entrenched leaders until someday we can vote in someone worthwhile. This isn’t so much about electing Biden as getting rid of Trump. We need to get rid of some of these other people in congress who have been there for decades including McConnel and Pelosi. Maybe it’s time we did something different as a people instead of voting incumbents in over and over again. Even a good incumbent can be replaced by another good incumbent. How long do these people need to hold onto their power and perks?

Hi Annie –

Just want to make clear for some here who may not know, Biden’s usual method of
operation in supporting Elites/right wing and betrayal of the nation and democracy -
while suggesting he is doing the opposite –

And boring/repetition alert for those who are aware –

The thing about what Biden actually did re Clarence Thomas was that he professed
support for Prof. Hill while allowing a GOP Gang Wilding on her during the hearings with
some of the most vile comments that were reminiscent of the “Hammer of Witches.”

Biden promised Prof. Anita Hill’s and her legal team that a dozen women waiting to testify
against Clarence Thomas would be heard as to Thomas’ sexual harassment of women at
the EEOC which they were aware of either from personal experience of having witnessed it.

Biden continued to suggest to the worldwide audience that negative testimony would be heard.
And to elevate the press’ expectation that the women would be heard.

The audience was familiar with some of the expected testimony of one or two of the waiting
witnesses as they had been interviewed by the press – but there were at least 10 others who
were unknown and there was no record of what they might testify to at the Hearings, except
that it was understood it would be testimony which would be against Clarence Thomas.

Beginning at about 12 a.m., Biden began a ridiculous conversation with a light-skilled AA male
who was obviously there to suggest that Prof. Anita Hill had been romantically aggressive with
him. After four hours of overly friendly banter by Biden – we learned that the young male’s
testimony was based in one phone call between himself and Prof. Hill – and that by the end of
the four hours the young man could not even say whether he had placed the phone call to
Prof. Hill or she had placed the call to him. And the phone call suggested nothing of even a
strong social connection between them.

At 4 a.m., Biden pulled the rug out from under Prof. Anita Hill and her legal team by closing
down the Hearings suddenly – with no warning to anyone. Everyone was in shock.

The Congress might have called the waiting women in to testify on the record, but that didn’t
happen. Sen. Paul Simon later said that if at the time the full body of Congress knew what
they came to know later about Thomas that he would not have reached the SC.

I’ve often thought reflecting on the nonsense banter by Biden, that of course this young male
was a set up – but that it seems likely to me that it was a delaying tactic while Biden perhaps
was waiting for a phone call or signal. By 4 a.m. the powers that be obviously decided that
what they HAD to get away with was stopping the hearing and not allowing the waiting
women to be heard.
And it was Joe Biden who had saved Clarence Thomas for them and
helped move the SC to the fascist right.

And, obviously, they did get away with it because Clarence Thomas is still sitting on the court
as GOP’s first pervert; now in company with the GOP’s second pervert, Brett Kavanaugh.

The strange death of Scalia triggered an unprecedented situation of Obama’s nominee
(Garland) not even being able to gain a date for a Hearing from the GOP/McConnell – and
then the “election” of Trump who put Gorsuch on the court.

Meanwhile, both political parties, our Congress, our courts and media have all been moved to
the right and Trump continues every day to rip the nation apart along the lines of White Male
Supremacy/“Christianity” – to attack women and reproductive freedom – and to move the
nation further into fascist-thinking and actions. At this point suggesting that he will actually
dispense government benefits along lines of GOP states following his “political whims” and
deny the benefits to states governed by Democrats. Especially ironic as it is the states
governed by Democrats who are sending the most dollars to DC and getting the fewest back.

For anyone still reading this – As we watch this slow motion Civil War being renewed by
Trump on liberal states actually still supporting freedom and standing against slavery – it is
being made clear once again that Our Founders were Elites who actually did not create a
democracy here – nor did they give us any tools to run a democracy here. We don’t even
have a “No Confidence” vote in regard to the leadership of the nation.

But it is Civil War that fascists have on their minds, obviously.

And where is our free press pointing this out – ?


Well written opinion that happens to (most likely) be completely correct. I happen to be a survivor of sexual assault and over my lifetime have spent much of my time in many types of Therapy and counseling. I now help by mentoring and counseling others, especially Young teenagers who have been or are at risk of being sexually abused or assaulted. I can tell you without hesitation, the best therapy for me and so many others I know was group therapy. Telling each other the details of what happened to us was incredibly healing. The more we shared, the better we felt about ourselves, our surroundings and our futures. The point of me telling you this is not to gain Sympathy for my situation or the like, it’s to show how you’re have the exact Right idea about how it takes time for the victim to become brave enough to share all the details in entirety. Even though this happened to Ms. Reade back in 1993, I believe? It takes time
a Long time to build up the courage to share the details of something like this in such a Public setting. That is why I know that Kavannah’s accuser was a Lying piece of garbage, who couldn’t even prove she’d met The Honorable Justice Kavannah, much less been, in any manner, assaulted by him. False Accusers like her make Ladies like me and other’s I know want to kick them in the heart!
Lastly, the Hypocrisy of the Democrats and especially Crazy Joe Biden, is beyond Despicable! I can’t Believe there are people I actually know that continue to follow this party, this Insanity. Especially with the Flynn case blown open and Shiff’s lies being brought to light. Of course, the Media has become a tool of the Liberals so Truth is no longer broadcast, Opinions have become their Truth and everyone should know that opinions are like A-holes, everyone has one.


The alternative is Trump’s election.

Which, means either way we lose. There is not victory here for anyone but the oligarchy.