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Pressley, Omar, Bass, and Lee Introduce Resolution to Condemn Police Brutality and Demand Nationwide Reforms

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/29/pressley-omar-bass-and-lee-introduce-resolution-condemn-police-brutality-and-demand


Anyone of the other 3 cops who watched as George was murdered could have pulled the murderer cop off of him.

They didn’t.


Because that’s not part of their training.

From now on, it must be.


Actually not pulling him off is part of their training. Just like here where I live, if a cop shoots his weapon, he must shoot to kill, or face disciplinary measures, no matter what the situation in the field is.

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That’s fucked up.

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It’s true, I read it in the local newspaper years ago, and I couldn’t believe it either. So I asked a couple of cops I know, they confirmed it.

With a policy like that, I see a coming war, one which many in this country will gladly join.

Against those that support that mentality of supposed law enforcement.

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Not many co-sponsors of a bill that should have congress falling over themselves to support, given the recent events.

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If the officier doesn’t shoot to kill, the logic goes, wounding the person who’s considered a threat could potentially cause more harm to others around them. That’s the why of this response, I was told by LE.

Clearly, many officers haven’t the ability necessary to determine who is a real threat.

And who is not.

Logic, huh.

Four officers allowed a man to die in less than 10 minutes when he never once posed a threat.

Where’s the logic in that?


" Shoot 'em all and let Jesus sort it out. "
" Shoot 'em all and let Mohammed sort it out. "
" Make 'em all go back to work and let COVID-19
and let their god, sort it out. "
" The only real god in America is money. "
Malcolm X
" It doesn’t take a weatherman to tell you which
way the wind blows. "
Bob Dylan
" It’s an ill wind that doesn’t blow somebody
some good. "
Always B. Following DeMoney

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“Momma told me not to come.” ~Three Dog Night

It’s not uncommon for highly trained men, and all around tough guys like officer Chauvin and Mr. Floyd, to call out for their Momma when the going gets tough. That’s what the big boys tell me, anyway. See any men in the above photo?
Who said women were the weaker sex? Men who need their Momma a lot in tough times?
BTW- Did you see that both Chauvin and Floyd worked as bouncers at the same club? And, Floyd was being arrested for passing bad $20s.
And, Chauvin just happened to be around and answered the call on Floyd. ( They had time to run the plates, ya’ know. ) Cops that have it in for someone or are trying to cover up…Never mind, it’s all just a coincidence, I’m sure. I’m really, really sure it’s a… just another training day in the poor side of town.
FYI- No women police officers at the scene of the original altercation, either? All coincidences, I’m sure. I’m really, really… repeating myself.
P.S. " What are all these crazy questions that they’re asking of me " .

Why are police banging down a door at one in the morning-------this is one hundred times worse than someone selling drugs. And I don’t know what to say about these white cops with knees on this black MAN . Should we take a knee against police violence Mr. Trump?

WAKE UP! WE LIVE IN A CORPORATE MILITARY POLICE STATE------The police are GOONS who protect the ruling class--------look at Biden’s response on PBS Newshour—“things are getting better” really-------

Good Job at burning down the police station -----now rebuild it-----BUT BUILD A COMMUNITY HEALTHCARE CENTER-------this mayor tries to look all cool------well let’s see if they can start thinking outside the box.



Call out to-----life is GQue------UTUBE channel doing some real local reporting on the streets in Minnesota ------and UTUBE needs to encourage this-----local people in the community giving their voice to what is happening in our world.

Ever heard of grant immunity for cops, check out Reuters special report about it. Why is nobody taking about this?
This needs to be overturned before we can have any meaningful conversations about police brutality.

Very good point. Ive often thought that we could do so much of a better job there. We could use virtual reality.

Do you have a URL?

As we trade away the good jobs TPTB feel they need to employ lots of cops and surveillance tech and endless wars becaause of trade agreements that require international bidding and outsourcing offshoring of everything else. There wont be any money in most of those jobs (other) people do because they will be offshored/outsourced, so there will be huge unemployment and huge prisons and prison labor. (That will be much larger than today) To manage those county sized prisons they will depend on the trusted group. (whomever they are) This is what they do in North Korea. Basically, “perpetual war” is used to generate employment you can give to insiders and literally starve the outsiders , A third of the country are deemed class enemies who have to live in these prison-counties. They dont get anything beyond the most rudientary education, cannot drive or have any decent job, and when things get toght they are the last to get food or anything essential.

This is called the songbun system.

Its quite informative to understand how this works because I am certain many other countries look at the regimes longevity as a miracle.

Sounds like I may need an AR-15 to sort out a speeding ticket. Especially if I’m a person of color.

Logic, logic, they don’t use no stinking logic. These are good ole boy police jobs. Follow the leader, play well with other cops, and survive another day.
We need cops that show rugged individualism. And then keep the best, and promote the best.