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Pressure Builds for Sessions, Tillerson to Make Clear Their Stance on 'Muslim Ban'


Pressure Builds for Sessions, Tillerson to Make Clear Their Stance on 'Muslim Ban'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Did President Donald Trump's nominee for attorney general, Jeff Sessions, have a role in creating the widely panned "Muslim ban"? And would he help enforce it?


Their past dictates, actions and assertions speak volumes and should preclude placing them in any position of power on the global stage. Sessions has proven over and over again what a staunch practicing racist he is...his story may change but he surely will not. Tillerson is another whose allegiance is with the almighty god of Greed and Avarice who is a Putin apologist because it puts money in his and his shareholders' pockets. Pandering to Putin serves his purpose of self-aggrandizement and that purpose will be successful when, as Secy of State, he, Bannon and DJT remove the sanctions.

If the GOP members of the Senate have an ounce of decency, dignity, or concern left for their constituents and our nation, they will STOP THE MADNESS and oust Sessions and recall Tillerson along with stopping all DJT anointees....including the SCOTUS selection (talk about biased racist far right thugs).

This orange raging caesar must be removed IMMEDIATELY along with his reich masters!


Once again I need to reassess my stance on the new administration. I before have called 'them' from the Twilight Zone amended to the older version of the Loonie Tunes. Now it's an amalgam of the two above and The Insane Clown Posse on steroids with a dose or two of growth hormones and some meth tossed in for good measure. On a daily basis, so far, something new is added to the incongruous salad mix with more, I'm sure, to come. I've lost all respect for the 'broken' system we live under. It's time the GOP actually looks at all the damage they inflict on 'average' Americans and a large portion of the rest of the world. I have learned to now laugh at the current situation or I too would have to be committed to the asylum. Does anyone else see the growing disconnect we now see with reality? And yes I do know the difference. Let's all just hope they can get something right, though I have my doubts. Sessions would be a disaster if confirmed and we don't need him stirring the pot that's already boiling over with all the nonsense going on.


You kidding? Many of Trump's addresses have been essentially a call to fight Islam. He and his Republican friends have also expressed interest in starting a war with Iran, one of the few remaining Middle Eastern regions that the U.S. have good relations with.

As for using the trillions the U.S. is wasting on productive things? Sorry but no. Trump has stated that he wants to build up the military even more, with not limited to upgrading the U.S.'s nuclear arsenal.

I do agree with you that you do have some good points about the protest. We really should have seen this outrage during the Obama years, and definitely not accept him having a second term or Hillary slithering her way into the 2016 election. But please don't try to defend Trump and believe that the protests against him are not justified. These protests are unfortunately way overdue but the fact that they are happening is a step in the right direction.


How is Putin relevant to the discussion of Session's appointment? This constant bashing of a straw man to continue the funding of our obscene war budget has become ludicrous. I guess the ISIS,ISIL,Al Quaeda bogeymen won't cut it with the masses. Thus the reversion to the eternal 'enemy' , Mother Russia. Corruption, they name is the Pentagon/CIA/NSA/DHS et al.


Dr Boost, Add "Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil" to your reading list. Just a suggestion.


Dr. Boost doesn't need much of one, apparently. While he makes a good case against the Dims on Foreign Policy during the last 8 years, his #s are as bad as Trumpster's Cabinet appointments.
Sessions, on the other hand, has always been bad. He is a mean-spirited, overt and malevolent White Supremacist. He's a hooded Southern henchman in a suit with a law degree, serving a role in American politics not unlike Jesse Helms or Strom Thurmond ( Neither of whom would have ever passed the smell test or been considered for Attorney General in the past ).
However, he's about to become the worst AG since Ed Meese. He's comfortable using the canard of state's rights to crush minority voting rights, and then, pivot to use the power of federal law enforcement to harass the legal sale of marijuana products. Being a legal hypocrite isn't a disqualifier in Washington these days; though, it is an indicator of what we can expect from the White Citizens Councils' central casting dept. ( Judge Roy Moore, anyone? ) Maybe he'll make policy decisions from one of President Trump's private golf country clubs, as well? Or, be a judge at a beauty pageant in Las Vegas, where everything is capricious and arbitrary and relevant only in the eye of the beholden. What we don't have here is a failure to communicate, though. By nominating Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions as America's Top Cop, modern day Republicans have fired the first shot, once again, on the United States of America. The Evangelical South, The Separate But Equal South, The " Big Daddy " South; is very scarily, about to rise again. Caveat Emptor on steriods, indeed.