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Pressure for Independent Investigation Swells Amid Russia-Trump Scandal


Pressure for Independent Investigation Swells Amid Russia-Trump Scandal

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Pressure is mounting for a transparent investigation into alleged ties between President Donald Trump's campaign and Russian intelligence, following a New York Times report that shows officials on both sides were in contact before the 2016 election.


The defenders of Trump and Putin will be here any minute. They have to stop WWlll.


1. Take a piece of standard copier paper.
2. Roll into a cone shape, like a snow cone.
3. Then pour in 3-4 oz of water, filling up about 80% of the cone.
5. See how long the paper takes to leak water.

The GOP MOC's loyal to DT are the paper. The increasing pressure from us is the water. How long can that last?


"Bi-partisan independent" is an oxymoron.


Non-Congressional folks, drawn by an open lottery, must be on this committee. All policy initiatives frozen in place until the questions are fully answered and findings published. Wars, both foreign and domestic, have been started over less controversial matters. Tread cautiously and be entirely transparent in behavior. This is my hope, anyway.


Won't ever happen. "Congress" does not "investigate." The West Siberian oil fields are ready for lots of drilling and new pipelines.


Here's my two cents. Putin, Lavrov and Shoygu sit in the Kremlin every night watching CNN dumbstruck. Finally Putin says, "What a great show. All we have to do is sit here, do nothing and watch the late, great United States go mad, tear itself apart, with help from the CIA, and this is the funny part Sergey, over nonsense. Lavrov, pass the popcorn."

"Before Empires collapse, they first go insane."
Attributed to Chris Hedges

I know that my above comments somehow makes me a Putin lover. Nuff said.




The entire stage looks more and more like Colonization Coup 20.17, otherwise known as globalization by international oligarchy. The old playbook, with its index (known as national constitutions) has been worn to shreds by WB, IMF, et al, and
- the 'austerity' linchpin is being wiggled loose
- the ole' "constant growth" mantra has hit the finite planet
- exposure of the eggregious human rights abuses from Standing Rock to Indigenous Peoples all over the planet (which have never stopped) are filtering through the swamp
- the coopted minions have proven their zombie bona fides
- the list is more the rule than the exception


I think Putin must be terribly disappointed that trump has totally blown it and will be removed from office so soon. After all, Russia has an investment in him and they have the goods (videos) to blackmail him and make trump do their bidding during his presidency. With this, there is sure to be a backlash towards Russia--if for no other reason than appearances--and the "Russian Lovers" will be driven from office. No, I don't think Putin is all that happy with how this is playing out.


Before this $hitstorm is over, it's my hope that the voters of America see clearly that neither of these political parties which represent the 1% almost exclusively, can never again be trusted to hold any of the highest 536 positions in our government.


Whom the Gods would destroy they first drive mad. Predates hedges by a bit. Put aside putin, are you saying Trump, Flynn, Miller, Bannon are the sane ones in your popcorn scenario?


Here's a difficult question: Who's more frightening: the Trump administration, or the neo-McCarthyites driving this madness? Very tough call.


We shouldn't count chickens just yet. Trump still has his defenders, even here.


No. The entire "leadership" has gone has gone insane. Try and remember that the only issue that really matters is catastrophic climate change.



Commenting from Missouri: Blunt's calling for an investigation?!!

Is this the straw to bring Pence in? Blunt is totally bought and paid for by special interests. And Pence is a far right dark horse.


Thanks for the John Batchelor show interview Po.


Blunt wants to head the investigation from his role on the Senate Intelligence Committee. I don't see that as being able to be non-partisan.


It was my pleasure.



Let's clean house now and take the 'Green' approach. Put Planet over Profit.