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Pressure for Independent Investigation Swells Amid Russia-Trump Scandal


PB, I wish such a thing existed (nonpartisan) but doubtful with someone like him.

My mantra....follow the money.


How can the United States really function well if there are questions about whether the president is acting in the interest of Russia or the US? Can the CIA, NSA, etc trust him with information. Intelligence agents should not be in the position thinking that there patriotic duty is to withhold information from the president? Such information could be vital for security. Whatever the case is there are now enough suspicions that an independent investigation is certainly warranted.


As with any so-called "investigation" with bi, non, or any partisan slant or intent, the devil is in the details and who asks what questions.

The usual MO is to tailor the "investigation" to provide the outcome the political powers want and hide what they don't. Many of the most notorious such investigations or commissions, were so manipulated (we all know the cases and crimes), witnesses, evidence, and testimony controlled (or disappeared), and the focus made so narrow in scope that any possible embarrassment to the PTB, conspirators, or revelations of corruption, conflicts of interest, collusion, or guilt are effectively hidden - the result is a White Wash charade and propaganda tool!

A charade is about what the alphabet spook agencies have delivered already with their "trust us" determinations absent released complete evidence that wrong-doing was committed!


I am not a defender of Trump yet I do recommend reading a little more from outside the beltway groupthink on consortium news.



Would you provide a link for this. Having trouble getting it to play -- Thanks.


As frightening as the Trump administration is the fact that the covert ops division of at least one of the alphabet agencies, the CIA, no longer answers to the President; and, neither does much of the military. This has all been greatly accelerating during the past eight years.

Here are three articles from yesterday that paint a clear picture of the current power struggle; and, how we as private citizens won't have a say in any part of this. We're right back to the neocon/neolib drive for U.S. world domination via soft coups, or horrific carnage, if necessary.

Coming Soon to a City Near You: The U.S. Military's Plan to Take Over America -- Feb. 14, 2017 -- John Whitehead -- Greanvillepost

The anti-Flynn 'deep state' coup - spelling it out in the clearest way possible -- Feb. 14, 2017 -- TheSaker

“Macroeconomic Warfare”: Western Interests Aim To Flummox Russia Through Financial Manipulation, Privatization and Neoliberal Reforms -- Feb. 14, 2017 -- Dr. Paul Craig Roberts & Prof. Michael Hudson -- GlobalResearch


Thanks, skep. I'll check them out.


There's also this from Dennis Kucinich:





Thanks. I listened to the Kucinich interview yesterday. I tend to believe what Kucinich is stating; but, the article linked immediately below, offers an alternate hypotheris, that Trump has been the CIA's man from the start. I can't quite get myself to believe that. It's interesting, though, that this author also believes that the deep state, on behalf of the oligarchs they work for, will treat the U.S. populace no differently than they have done so in any other country they've demolished. It's a very interesting read, in conjunction with the article I linked to above: 'The U.S. Military's Plan to Take Over America'.

Trumped by the CIA - Feb. 15, 2017 -- John Rohn Hall - Greanvillepost

The CIA has proven itself capable of bribery at the highest levels of government, both at home and abroad, assassination, fomentation of revolutions and coup d’etats, control of mainstream media content in all its forms throughout most of the world, creating chaos, and doing whatever is necessary to put all of earth’s resources squarely into the hands of the Shadow Government/Wall Street, for whom it works. The CIA has a history of very capably managing, controlling, and handsomely profiteering from the codependent illegal drug and arms smuggling industries. The CIA kills everyone and anything that gets in its way. It is the most powerful criminal organization on earth, employs the most talented minds in the world of cyberspace, yet it somehow allowed Trump to win the presidential election, and even with a three million vote deficit? This just doesn’t add up. Or does it?

Sun Tzu tells us that “All warfare is based on deception.” Make no mistake, the CIA, as Douglas Valentine tells us, “is hell-bent on world domination.” That includes The United States of America. So if you are a U.S. Citizen, unless you enjoy being under the dominion of the world’s biggest crime syndicate, you might want to consider yourself at war with the CIA. Contemporary warfare, as waged by the CIA and its more heavy-handed brethren in the US Military, is conducted with chaos in mind. Wars are no longer waged with an eye toward peace and victory. Entire sovereign countries are turned into turmoil and chaos, then looted for whatever resources available. Shocked and awed into mayhem and pandemonium. The template is all too familiar. Among the CIA’s classic successes: Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria…wait, what happened in Syria? It was looking like success was in the bag, but then Russia butted in, and it now appears that the bedlam in Syria has been stopped in its tracks thanks to military intervention and reconstruction by Russia. How dare they interfere with CIA business as usual?!

So here’s my “conspiracy theory” du jour, with a shout-out to the CIA for the invention of that demeaning, self-deprecating phrase: Donald Trump was the chosen one. Hillary’s fall was carefully and thoughtfully orchestrated. The U.S.A. is screwed, without so much as a kiss.


Bingo! All this BS over Russia when it is not about Russia but our agencies going to war for globalization without .gov or public oversight.

Gee has this ever happened before in USA history? Oh Nixon talked with the VC to get them to leave the table at the Paris peace talks for a better deal when he became president. Could have stopped the war but did not.

Reagan made an arms deal with Iran to prevent Carter's reelection.

Where was the cry from the DNC over these same acts. What is different now? This whole thing got started by Clinton who blamed Russian hacking that never happen on her poor performance and loss.


Pence must be drooling all over himself as I'm sure his ambition goes far. The Trump-Russia-Hacking fantasy just won't die I guess. Not until the entire charade is complete with courts and judges. With careers destroyed and made.


Sorry we stopped WWIII already. HRC was defeated and exposed to such extent that any hope of that disgusting person running again are over.

Now we can not depend on DJT to do what we the people need to do, drain the swamp. It has been shown that our elected officials are not actually running the show. Let's look behind the curtain.


There is no curtain, no hidden wizard, no Illuminati pulling strings. As Orwell said, the hardest thing is to see what is right in front of you. My God is it right in front of us.


The Iran contra arms deal came latter in Reagan's administration.


As much as I oppose most of Trump's agenda (I have never voted for a Republican and I am 65 years old), I think there is some bigger going on. The Deep State (Pentagon, CIA, NSA) and the transnational corporations are disturbed by some of Trump's policies, and they are trying to undermine him. The Deep State wants a New Cold War with Russia, and Trump seems to want good relations. Also Trump is a protectionist who would protect U.S. manufacturing jobs with a tariff on foreign imports. This angers the corporations who have exported millions of manufacturing jobs (with the assistance of the trade deals signed by Clinton) , and these corporations profit from the current system of imports without tariffs. These powerful groups, and their puppets in both political parties, are plotting to bring down Trump. I would prefer to see the Democrats(my party) focus on winning back working class voters rather than being in a witchhunt toward Russia.


Thanks. Interesting to hear Stephen Cohen speak. I realize he's a foremost authority on Russia; but, I'd never listened to him...just read some of his writings.


I agree totally. The DNC (in bed with corporate money) is what is killing the Democratic Party.


It's embarrassing to see the Democrats push for a New Cold War with Russia. They should be talking about jobs.


Even if Trump and his crew are not convicted in a court of law, they have already been convicted in the court of public opinion. His presidency has already completely lost it's legitimacy, and it's not even been a month since he took the oath.