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Pressure for Independent Investigation Swells Amid Russia-Trump Scandal


Close but no cigar. Carter was in office. He sent rescue teams to get hostages held by Iran. Failed mission. Reagan contacted Iran for a "good" deal if they would hold the hostages until Reagan was elected. After Carter failed to be re-elected the hostages were released on news that Reagan had win.

Where was the democrat up roar?


Alternative facts?


“Trump, Trump, Trump,” he’s “just terrible.” Now that we have that out of the way let’s take a look at something from Dissident Voice which has been the most outstanding website for progressives I’ve seen anywhere coming out of as it does being a successor to Project Censured. Here’s the article below.


Now it’s really eye opening for this Canadian to look at some of the hysteria about Donald Triump and how it’s so analgous to the Cold War hysteria about the “10 feet tall Russians” of that time.
Whatever happened to "Fool me once. Shame on you. Fool me twice. Shame on me”?

While we”re at all this US national blue team propaganda, how b out how a US politician can continue as the standard bearer for a natioanl majfor pasrty while under a criminal investigatgion for being loose with her handling of classifeid information involving US national security even if prosecution doesn’t follow and her party even gets a strong showing in the election?

Allow me as a Canadian to give you an example of how that would have turned out in Canada, as we had something a bit similar happen in our country back airbus scandal in the 1990s. Brian Mulroney was the prime minister and was under criminal investigationnby the RCMP for the airbus scandal. He quit before his own party could drop him. Kim Campbell, then replaced him as party leader and prime minister. In the election campaign of 1993 as she campaigned she was met with “Kim, Kim, Kim just like him” and it stuck with the people across Canada with her party getting the biggest or perhaps the biggest beating in all Canadian history. What was it three or four MPs her party got elected in that election?

Yes we Canadians do have high standards. I seem to remember a time, but maybe I’m wrong when the USA had higher standards for high office than a politician than he or she hadn’t been prosecuted for crimes.


Flynn was a bigoted sicko. Bye, Bye. Next up, White Nationalists ( we know who all of you are now ) and Kelly Anne; good by, don't let the door hit you on the way out. The death of a thousand cuts begins....where it ends is a big ???.
The two heads of the Uniparty are both being cut off. It is a good day to be a Progressive.


That would be failing to see what is right in front of you, wouldn't it?


You just elided that whole arms deal bit before the election. With that editing I'll just agree with you.


No, global warming. No, income inequality. No, healthcare. Whatever.


The Intra-Contra episode had nothing to do with hostages held in Iran. It goes back to hostages held in Lebanon. It had nothing to do with the Carter administration. It was all about the Reagan administration. Carter's failed attempt to free the hostages in Iran occurred before all this happened.


The arms deal did happen but after he was elected. That was the arms that went to the contras because congress had said no to Reagan over arming the contras.

What I was referring to is the fact that in many past incidents presidential candidates have done just what Flynn has done but actually made deals that were carried out and did damage. Its what we do! We sell or give weapons to Contra or rebels or terrorists and profit off it.

Where were the democrats who stood up to this before. Why attack now. Could it be that DJT could befriend Russia and oh boo who all the arms makers and democrat blue dog/ war mongers poop themselves.

So do not try and feed me any of that snowflake blah blah blah about the fact that for good reason the Democratic party is openly failing/ falling and as that death progresses we get to see the deep state step up against DJT and note the connections of the DNC and the deep state.

If you think there is no curtain or deep state you took the wrong pill. Enjoy your sleep.


And that is just what I explain to BBwillianson.


So Trump wants to make up with Putin so that a nuclear war doesn't break out and all the foolish, degenerate MSM can do is complain and criticize about it. Where were they when Bush and Obama wanted to start a war with Russia? Were there any complaints then? Just who pays the media anyway? Is it the Pentagon, the shadow government, the intelligence ( pardon the oxymoron)agencies? Just who makes money when bombs start falling?


In the spring and summer of 2016, progressives took a long, hard look at who they were in bed with. President Obama gave cabinet posts to Monsanto and to Goldman Sachs. Again and again, Hillary Clinton couldn't have possibly stooped lower to try and steal the nomination.

Now it's 2017. The Republicans own both houses of Congress and the Presidency, plus they have gerrymandered all the states within an inch of their lives. However, it's time for all good Republicans (yes, they exist) to see who they're in bed with.

Foremost, the anticommunists are entirely in bed with President-for-life Vladimir Putin, kissy kissy kissy pant pant pant. The permanence of this intimate relationship is going to sink in someday, and the results won't be particularly quiet. However, for now, utter denial reigns, so let's all sing "The Internationale" together, one, two, three...

As a sideshow, American Jews are in bed with a White House staff full of vocal Holocaust deniers, the genuine article. Yes, the Nazi Holocaust happened, and no, the White House took enormous care to avoid saying that Jews were in any way involved in the Nazi Holocaust. This attitude apparently starts right at the top. No, this isn't a Mel Brooks movie with the cast singing "Springtime for Hitler". Yes, the Nazi Party did lots of "Heil Trump" for his, um, courageous stand against Jewry. Again, the nature of this intimate companionship between Jews and American Nazis will eventually sink in, but not quite now. Denial is a river in Egypt.

The last bedtime liason is between devout Christians and the Donald himself. Christians are somewhat used to being cut dead by their own politicans, but, just trust me on this if you're a Christian, Trump is going to really hurt them like a bad tooth until he finally gets yanked.

Did I mention that Mr. Trump gave cabinet posts to Monsanto/Bayer and to Goldman Sachs?


I love this scenario!
It's infuriating to see progressives get swept up into this festival of outrage over something that most likely never happened. I'm old enough to remember the dark days of the 1950s. It's beginning to stink of that again.


Don't kid yourself, Trump still has a lot of support on the right. And the Republicans in Congress for the most part are still protecting him. The big question seems to be whether or not Congress is going to do its job and do a good bipartisan investigation. And remember, people gave Nixon the benefit of the doubt in the Watergate scandal until it was found that tape recordings existed of conversations involving the cover-up. John Dean gave testimony exposing the entire cover-up but people were not sure if he was telling the truth. Only when people actually heard the tapes did Nixon's support really collapse.


He might be thinking about the delaying of the U.S. hostages in Iran until after the Reagan–Carter election which Reagan won. The hostage were conveniently released a few minutes after Reagan's inauguration. Funny stuff.


And, the Clintons & Clintonista Clan are on the skids ( what's their claim, 48% and no Senate majority ). The fight among factions over DNC Chairman is getting interesting, too. Perez or Ellison is a real fight: $27/emerging majority/greens or TPP/Hedge Funds/frackers and .... Ellison is the pick, imo.


trump will always have his defenders, but he's beginning to lose his mainstream GOP support. I think the Stephen Miller media blitz sealed the deal on trump. The Republican leadership can't ignore him any more.


Is this sarcasm? Depend on DJT? To exploit the working class and the planet? Sure, it is easy to dislike HRC but it doesn't mean you have to jump into the arms of a madman.


Especially since the permafrost has practically melted by now. Yep, the powers that be could give a rat's ass about the planet or the future.


You have to ask why Trump wants good relations with Russia? Could it be the $500 billion dollar oil deal that Rex Tillerson of Exxon signed with his best buddy, Putin? I doubt that Trump truly represents the interests of US manufacturers and workers given his long sordid business history and attempts to appoint people like Pudzer. Since he lies so much and switches positions so easily, it is impossible to believe anything that comes out of his mouth. But I agree that that "Deep State" views him as both a useful and dangerous idiot.