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Pressure for Independent Investigation Swells Amid Russia-Trump Scandal


From the article in The Saker that you posted, "Frankly, my heart goes out to all those who sincerely hoped that Trump will be the man to free the US from the Neocons and restore the power of the “basket of deplorables” over the many minorities and special interests." While some of this reading was interesting, this sounded pretty right-wing and racist to me. FYI.


Paul Manafort.
Carter Page.
Michael Flynn.

All had to leave the Trump team after their close associations with Russia were exposed, but still "progressives" are saying that there's nothing to see here. Nope. Nothing at all, move along.

Russia shells Ukraine. Not a word from Trump.

Russian jets buzz a US ship. Not a word from Trump.

Russia launches a missile in violation of a treaty. Not a word form Trump.

Russia has a spy ship just off the eastern coast of the USA. Not a word from Trump

Russia is complicit in Syrian war crimes. Not a word from Trump.

FSB agents arrested in Russia. One found dead in the back of his car. Nothing to see here, move along "progressives" tell me.

Trump was told of Flynn's calls with Russia (for those who don't think they were actually directed by Trump) and continued to allow him access to highly sensitive material. Nothing to see here.

The Russian gov't is currently working to get far right nationalist regimes elected in Europe. Move along.

Parts of the Steele dossier are confirmed.

The same dossier that talks about a bribe of 19% of Rosneft if sanctions are lifted. Rosneft sold 19.5% to unkown buyers with opaque financing.

Nothing to see here. Move along. It's all "fake news," just like Flynn fake resigned, I guess.

For the rest of us, keep the pressure up. It's working. Don't stop now.


Trump should be supported in keeping good relations with Russia and also for the protection of US manufacturing jobs. A lot of people with far more sinister motives are out to destroy him, and then what? Pence? War with Russia?


I don't think that Trumo ever complained about the USA's 70 years of assorted interfering in other countries' democratic elections, so why should he bother about what the Russians might or might not have done?

It is a very black kettle that is screaming blue bloody murder about the Russian pot. It is time the USA organised a sensible trade relationship with Russia instead of being utterly stupid. And please, don't tell me that Russia is a nasty autocratic non-democratic state and that the USA shouldn't trade with it. The pillars of USAian industry back in the 1930s were quite happy to trade with Hitler's Nazi Germany..


I recommend buying liquor stock as soon as possible. When all investigations are done and no Russian involvement in the election is found, only evidence of Republican election theft, (gerrymandering, Crosscheck, etc.) millions of you folks will be hitting the bottle bigtime. Liquor stocks will soar.

BTW, chunque, no evidence whatsoever of videos or Russian blackmail. None.


Thanks for a breath of sanity amidst the hysteria.

P.S. Also, there was plenty of treason during WW2 by businessmen. Example: Prescott Bush, Dubya's grandad had his Union Bank, a Nazi front, closed and funds frozen by FDR. Under Trading With The Enemy Act. After the war he got it all back. :rage:


Yes. That's a very strange sentence and surprised me, also. I didn't understand why that sentence needed to be included in the article. Clinton defined "deplorables" as the half of Trump's supporters who are "racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic, you name it." So, it sure does sound right-wing and racist.

TheSaker provides some of his background on his Web site, at the bottom of this page, under the heading, "December 2015 addendum from the Saker:". He calls himself a "left libertarian". He was born in Sweden of a Dutch father and a mother of Russian royalty; studied in the U.S.; became a military analyst for Sweden and then the U.N.; is now living in Florida, married to an American veterinarian. I don't remember reading anything else of his that smelled of racism; but, maybe I haven't been paying attention. He appears to be developing a very good reputation among anti-U.S.-imperialism commentators; and, you'll find his writings widely reproduced on such Web sites.


A Dangerous Hysteria on Russia
February 15, 2017

"By James W Carden

The hysteria that has, for many months now, gripped our media and governing elites, as well as the Democratic Party’s chattering class, over Russia’s alleged interference in the U.S. election, has also begun to affect the Republic of Letters. Last Sunday’s New York Times Book Review featured a review of a new novel that begins with the declaration that “Russia once again poses a threat to American democracy.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin, following his address to the UN General Assembly on Sept. 28, 2015. (UN Photo)
This gives us a sense of the environment that the new and struggling Trump administration must confront as it attempts to fashion its policy toward Russia, a daunting task, made even more so by the poisonous – or even what might accurately be described as a McCarthyite – atmosphere that currently envelops Washington."

Then there's the German investigation that found no evidence of Russian cyber attacks or interference in German electoral processes.


By Ray McGovern

"Like the vast majority of Americans malnourished on “mainstream media,” most Germans have been led to believe that, by hacking and “propaganda,” the Kremlin interfered in the recent U.S. election and helped Donald Trump become president."

"Whereas former CIA Director John Brennan prevailed on his analysts to resort to anemic, evidence-light reasoning “assessing” that Russia tried to tip the U.S. election to Donald Trump, Berlin’s intelligence agencies found the evidence lacking and have now completed their investigation."

"After a multi-month, politically charged investigation, German intelligence agencies could find no good evidence of Moscow-directed cyber-attacks or a disinformation campaign aimed at subverting the democratic process in Germany. Undaunted, Chancellor Angela Merkel has commissioned a new investigation."


I completely agree, Uncle Po. Who needs help when you have the Repugs who have stalled any progress in the last 8 years, and Dems who think the Queen of Chaos is an angel and have no intention to try to change their devastating campaign strategies and appeal to real voters.


For another take on the subject of Russian interference:


...the times, they are a changin... it shall be different this time. i won't care the slightest for what we have done wrong in the past when it comes to deciding how happy we are with the Crimea annexation. Doesn't mean I support all those things but I will demand we complain heavily about Crimea no matter how black our pot is. Don't care.

In the exceedingly unlikely event we came to agreement on Crimea and the protection of the Baltic states I'd potentially be fine with improved relations with Russia.


No, you didn't.


Okay so you missed it.


That Bloomberg article you linked is just another attack on mainly RT and some on Sputnik, calling them fake news outlets, which is what RT continually calls the U.S. and E.U. MSMs. So, I decided to quickly take a look at the Bloomberg article:

Here's the first paragraph of the Bloomberg article:

As French centrist presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron began surging in polls recently, his campaign was hit by a report calling him a “U.S. agent” and hinting that he’s a homosexual who’s backed by a “very wealthy gay lobby.” The source? Sputnik, a news agency controlled by the Kremlin.

Reading the Sputnik article, I see that Sputnik is quoting a French Republican Party lawmaker, Nicolas Dhuicq. According to Sputnik, Dhuicq states that,

""Macron has been an investment banker at Rothschild bank. He's only had a professional career within the banking industry. Throughout his career, he has been acting as an agent of the big American banking system...Concerning his private life, it is becoming public as we speak… Macron is a guy who is called a chouchou, or a darling, of the French media, which is owned by only a few people, as we all know. Besides, one of the guys who backs him is famous businessman Pierre Berge, a business partner and long-time lover of Yves Saint Laurent, who is openly homosexual and advocates gay marriage. There is very wealthy gay lobby behind him. This says it all..."

So, there's nothing libelous in the Sputnik article; Sputnik is simply quoting a French lawmaker.

There's no sense wasting any more of my time with the Bloomberg article. From the first paragraph, it's obvious it's another "fake news" attampt by a U.S. MSM to discredit Russian-sponsored media outlets.

Better luck next time Vox.

Btw, here's the last paragraph of an article that contains an interesting analysis of Macron:

Emmanuel Macron – Rothschild’s Choice For President Of France -- Feb. 15, 2017 -- Originally appeared at Vzglyad; Appeared in Bulgarian at Memoriabg, translated by Valentina Tzoneva exclusively for SouthFront

Today the sociologists unanimously predict a victory for Macron in the presidential elections. By the way, the sociologists in the US elections likewise unanimously promised victory for Hillary Clinton. Regardless of what the fate of Macron will be, he remains a model of how the agreement between the financial capital and the leftist parties in Europe work as well as the fact that the presidents of France change regularly, but the people who propel them to the Elysee Palace remain the same.


Since you appear to be pathetically ignorant regarding Crimea, allow me to provide you with a couple of articles with which to enlighten yourself:

Behind the Crimea/Russia Reunion -- Mar. 19, 2016 -- Ray McGovern -- CommonDreams

How Ukraine Annexed Crimea. A Frank Conversation with Nikki Haley -- Feb. 8, 2017 -- Arina Tsukanova -- Strategic-Culture


Is it true, though?

Because I could write an article, quoting Trump, Bannon, Conway and Spicer about how Trump won the biggest election victory since Reagan, the news media don't report on Islamic terrorism like the Bowling Green Massacre and that Trump doesn't know Putin. It would be well-sourced and absolutely false, or, in other words, fake news. Breitbart would love it.

You choose to believe the Russian state which has a long and glorious history of lying. You rely on right-wing French politicians, too? Odd, but hey, that's your choice. Just don't expect me to march along in that creepy parade.


The Bloomberg article? Absolutely not, your Bloomberg article is fake news propaganda. :relaxed:


Deflection...classic trolling. It's good to know you're on Putin's team, anyway.


No. That wasn't deflection. That was the truth.

When you ask "Is it true, though?", you need to define what you mean by "it". I will then reply accordingly.

Btw, your username "Vox". Why that name. Anything to do with the Vox Web site?


The Crimea has been part of Russia since the USA annexed itself as the USA and is certainly more Russian on that basis than is Texas USAian. I understand that the Russians of Crimea voted in a properly conducted referendum to remain with Russia rather than with the Ukraine which back in around 1200 was Kievian Rus and more-or-less where Russia got invented.Basically the status of the Crimea is none of the USA's business, just as the States of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Florida ,Colorado and California are no longer any more Spain's business, or for that matter the other States of the USA bar Louisiana and Alaska are no longer British business. As for the Baltic states; nor are they USAian business.

As for eastern Ukraine; with a predominantly Russophile population; what is the problem with that area having autonomy? After all Scotland now has its own Parliament. Bougainville, Papua New Guinea, is an autonomous province; and neither Roosevelt nor Woodrow Wilson nor Eisenhower were at all sympathetic to the UK retaining its assorted colonies. And the Ukraine was never a Russian colony; it was always a province and has been so, apart from periodic invasions by Sweden, Poland, Lithuania, France and Germany, as a part of Russia (even when it was paying tribute to the Mongols) for maybe 1000 years. Indeed as Kiev was once the capital of Rus, one could argue that Russia as we know it today belongs to Ukraine............................It certainly is squeezing the Monroe Doctrine a little too hard for the USA to claim any rights as to saying what happens in that part of the world..