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'Pressure Is Working': Senate Just One GOP Vote Away From Passing Bill to Save Net Neutrality


'Pressure Is Working': Senate Just One GOP Vote Away From Passing Bill to Save Net Neutrality

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Voters "want us to be on the side of ordinary people, not with the big special interests," said Sen. Ed Markey, who introduced the legislation


I’m cautiously optimistic, but remain skeptical about the power of citizens to effect change. If phone calls, emails and letters to the editor were enough, we’d have single-payer health care by now, and never would have invaded Iraq, to name just two examples.

The net neutrality issue is different, in that it pits giant corporations against each other, with ISPs like Verizon and Comcast on one side, and content providers like Netflix and retailers like Amazon on the other. The interests of the individual citizen—or of tens of millions in the aggregate—“don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy (capitalist) world,” to borrow from a great film.

With that said, by all means, keep up the pressure, but don’t ignore the other, larger forces in play.


78 percent of Americans were against the bank bailouts, too, and look at the difference that made!

Frankly, this would be a smart move for Congress to disappoint telecoms over this issue, since it’s not a core imperial issue (war, capitalism, banks, etc) and it would break a very long streak of totally ignoring majority opinion, which would be good campaign fodder at fairly low political cost. That’s the smart move. But this is a confident ruling class–so it’ll be interesting if they can block this.


Fight the good fight in all things, in all ways.

Call your senator. Do we know specifically if there’s somebody on the fence on the Republican side?


Given what’s at stake, I’m a bit surprised at the placement of this article way down the page.


It seems to be an “enemy of my enemy” situation here, at least temporarily. Yes it is bittersweet that Net Neutrality supporters are going to be on the same side of some corporations in this battle but the cost of losing this battle are far more drastic for the common people. I guess we should be a little thankful that not all corporations are against the people this time, as it would be much more difficult to fight if that was the case. Still though we should never forget that corporations are not our friends. As soon as they feel they can make more money by selling us out they will in a heartbeat.


Yes. As my friend the Radical Nun always says, “No permanent friends, no permanent enemies.”