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Pressure Mounts to Shut Down Immigrant Family Detention Centers


Pressure Mounts to Shut Down Immigrant Family Detention Centers

Allie Yee

In recent weeks immigrant rights advocates have increased pressure on the Obama administration to end its punitive policy of holding in prison-like conditions mothers and children fleeing danger and poverty in their home countries — and the issue is gaining ground.


Straight out of Disaster Capitalism’s new playbook, economic conditions are profoundly worsened for workers (particularly those of color) here inside the Homeland so that some must resort to a black market “economy” in order to survive and when caught, end up occupying the prison-industrial drift-net put in place to exploit their labors. In diabolically planned parallel, the NAFTA-induced financial decrepitude of farming (and other formerly sustainable subsistence forms of financial pursuit) in Central America and Mexico has driven people to cross the U.S. border in order to survive the absence of income in their lands of origin. And waiting for them is that same company profiting so mightily off the fat of Black labor: Corrections Corp. of America.

This odious corporation is to human liberty what Monsanto is to human health (via nutrition); and what both hold in common are highly paid lobbyists and lots of campaign contributions which operate as quid pro quos that guarantee such high-dollar donors the sorts of policies that will grow their “industries.”

Corrections Corp. of America is the main purveyor of 21st century slavery via the New Plantation System. No wonder it’s now making a profit from breaking up families and leaving women and children at the mercy of often racist/misogynistic guards.

What hasn’t Obama sold out on?

From the article:

"The ruling prompted U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to announce new measures that it says will “enhance oversight and accountability.” The two sides have until May 24 to reach an agreement.

"Meanwhile, the Obama administration is pushing forward with expanding immigrant family detention facilities — most of which are managed by private prison companies.

“Just opened in December, the facility in Dilley, Texas currently houses nearly 800 children and mothers but is expected to expand to 2,400 beds by the end of May, making the 50-acre facility the country’s largest family detention center. The center is privately managed by the Corrections Corporation of America.”