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'Pressure Reaching Boiling Point' as Congress Has Just 24 Hours to Save Net Neutrality


'Pressure Reaching Boiling Point' as Congress Has Just 24 Hours to Save Net Neutrality

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

With only one day left for Congress to save national net neutrality rules rolled back by the GOP-controlled Federal Communications Commission (FCC) last year, internet defenders have set their sights on the 36 signatures still needed to reverse the repeal.


Civil Disobedience is the answer when you cannot vote them out because of rigged elections. Just saying. No need to throw in the towel or leave. We need all the people we can get whether we keep net neutrality tomorrow or not.


Please don’t lie down under the bulldozer. I am sure that Rachel Corrie never would have, had she been given the chance. You still can make a difference. Many of us would miss your voice. You can encourage and comment and one can never know what impact that may have. Stand up! Speak up for as long as you can. The only alternative is the abyss.


Never give up. Keep fighting. Our numbers are growing. We survived many years without the internet at all. We’ll find an alternative, even if we have to go backwards for a while. I called my representatives in Arizona and asked them why they do not support net neutrality. I never get a response, even though I tell them I voted for them. Keep shaming them. Show up at their office. March. Call. Write letters to the local paper. If we send enough water down the river, the dam will eventually break.


If they do this, those who pay for cable best also have a plan –

like pulling the plug on Comcast and Verizon.


Yes – it has been the two way street we’ve never had before –

a way for us to see the reality that we all pretty much agree –

and that this is a liberal nation opposed to the wars of the rich to fill their pockets
despite the harm they do to others.

This is why they have hung on so long lying to the public about Global Warming –
ensuring that each new Global Warming disaster would bring no honest assistance
or relief to citizens from New Orleans to Puerto Rico.

That’s their message to the rest of us – sorry for the mess but remember your boot straps.
An entire planet knocked out by white male supremacy/Patriarchy - “Christianity” and Capitalism.


Roberto, but we do have a weapon to fight them with: Total, rolling non cooperation. We refuse to cooperate with them in every way.


Non-violent, non-cooperation in the spirit of Gandhi is the way, now that the American government is clearly NOT for the people and by the people.

Learn more about nonviolent noncooperation here.


I applaud your thoughts of going back to an analog lifestyle. Over the years I too have learned that protesting alone does not generally lead to change.

We’re in the midst of two distinctly evolving “internets” —

  1. The internet of selfishness: capitalistic/consumerism

  2. The internet of the common weal: knowledge/wisdom

Knowledge and wisdom will innovate a way around a non-neutral net.

Capitalism and consumerism are in their death throes, no matter which marketing channel they use and support.

A starting point for non-cooperation is for people to simplify their lives through donations and stark reductions in what we perceive (been brainwashed to believe) are needed purchases. Kill off the consumer mentality. Lose our egos within the community of real human beings.


Read this article from 2011 about 10% minority belief becoming the tipping point.

We just need to pick our non-cooperation battles and stay focused.


It ain’t the winning. It’s the fighting. It is the journey we choose, whether we work toward the light or stop following our souls because when the sun sets there is some accounting. Maybe it is good to be good. Maybe you can feel the light. We choose our path and sometimes the best things happen when it’s hardest and the inverse of reality rewards you because often burdens are truly blessing, like the more you give the more you get. Things seem upside down on Planet Bozo and we can go around turning things right-side up or not. What does your soul want you to be? Follow your heart. It’s what got you on this page. peace.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! In honor of Christmas I offer my poem:
tinkle tinkle
cube in a glass
scrape on the bottom
or float up fast
terminal toasting
to reflections past
tinkle tinkle
cube in a glass

love and peace


Apologies if your poem wasn’t meant to be funny, but it made me LOL. Thankyou.


No, and until such time that there is no food in the stores that will be the case.


Roberto, most of us understand and actually sympathize/empathize with your frustration and rapidly-diminishing hope. In this country, we’re fighting a monolithic evil the likes of which have never been seen before, at least not in USA…partly due exactly to the overreach of the internet. If ever there’s been a double-edged sword before us, it’s the internet.
We, especially the old folk, warriors of the 50s and 60s, get online to seek “company,” validation, support for our feelings and rants, and for you to withdraw leaves not only you alone but us without your contributions. I’ve noticed the increased dysphoria in your postings and am not surprised at your wanting to drop out. I hope you won’t. I do admit that reading all this stuff, the articles and posts, adds a lot to my own despair and daily rage… but I can’t pull out altogether. The ghost of my super-activist dad would come back and haunt me hourly…

I don’t know if we’re doing anything that helps to stem the fascist (and Nazi) tide, but I can’t throw in the towel…I think about the complacency in Germany and wonder if anything could have helped… so can it help here??? Dunno… but I know I cannot “do nothing.” Is there anything that gives you a tiny bit of relief or renewal? If so, use it. For me, it’s feeding and watching the birds and squirrels in my yard. Meditation?

Please don’t leave us.


HI FascistFokker: This could be fun… like if the net neutrality does die ( it will be temporary, because. the People will strike as the internet now alerts people to fires and tornadoes, and hurricanes and if the internet is too sloooooooow----People will die and the people who are left will want to kill the people that did the killing( those politicians ) who by selling their souls, caused American deaths. WOW—death by politician—not good.
On the other hand, maybe, if it does pass and puts us in the slow lane-----we can have a NO SALE Day at Amazon and buy locally. : ) How much $ would the Bezos lose… it might kill him!
REQUIRING letters from your congress person , since you can’t get online. : ) That takes longer and will probably require more employees… ( that would be good for employment.)
And probably hackers will start hacking everyone just to see what the news really is and what we might find from those who are elected to SERVE us. People will be visiting these Congress people ( who threw the People under the bus) and they will be yelling at all who see the sell outs in public. Besides, when crowds go to their Congress person, the Congress people often run away and hide----which is really annoying because they are paid to work and if they don’t work, what good are they! There could be a lot of recalls-
I suppose that people can go back and see what the original organizers did to the British and recreate some of those ideas…there are more of us than them. And besides, the FRENCH people are very inspiring-----JUST DON’T BUY anything on line! When sales slide, so will the sell outs. : ) And what a great time to boycott facebook. for this who use it : )


My, I would like to think that capitalism and consumerism are in their death throes, especially for the right reasons (e.g., not because of GCC), but I don’t see the signs. What are you seeing that makes you think such death could be in the process?


Star, I already boycott Amazon…for a long time now. ( I wish Bezos and Kochs and ilk a hell in burning oil.) And I wouldn’t join and participate in FB or other social media if Elvis came back and begged me to. Actually, I have an annoyingly long list of companies I refuse to have anything to do with; it’s a burden or sacrifice sometimes, but my conscience feels good. Plus I’ve been an ethical vegetarian for almost a decade and am working on the veganism…

Oh, and I did call all the dim Dems on the list.


FF has threathened to leave us before. (And i believe he did for a while) He will be around again.


HI ToniWintroub: Oh good, you’re already boycotting—and not using facebook or Amazon—you are an inspiration to those who might think it’s too hard! When no one buys the online news—what will the BIG ones do? Lots of people give up things for Lent, so some people can make lent last all year. As France goes, so can America! : )