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'Pressure Works': Kamala Harris Becomes Fifth Likely Democratic 2020 Contender to Swear Off Corporate Cash


'Pressure Works': Kamala Harris Becomes Fifth Likely Democratic 2020 Contender to Swear Off Corporate Cash

Julia Conley, staff writer

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) followed the lead of Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on Monday when she announced that she would reject donations from corporate PACs, just a few weeks after a town hall attendee pointedly questioned her about her stance on such contributions.


She does not swear off “corporate cash.” She swears of Corporate PAC money which is only one of multiple ways for corporations, plutocrats and oligarchs to fund their (s)elected official employees. Another PR move from another Duopoly opportunist.

Of course the shadow-dance continues to work because these kinds of statements are uncritically cut-and-pasted by the media, including this outlet.


True! Can’t just talk the talk, have to walk the walk – and prove it. Funding for campaigns originate from sources all over the place. Some overt, some covert. Why doesn’t the media just call it what it is: bribery. Bribes and influence-peddling.


Maybe it is just a coincidence but all of these senators are from what are called “blue states” and all are in the Northeast or on the Pacific Coast. Should someone like Sherrod Brown from Ohio try it?


No surprise there. Such states do seem to be the ones that lead the pack of blue waves so to speak.


She is FOS…


She has sworn to uphold the AIPAC agenda. I guess that includes the murder (30 so far, thousands
wounded) of peaceful Palestinian protesters, anything for a $.


I’ll believe it when I see it.


If US citizens they would join up and campaign against any candidate that accepted any money from the various Jewish agencies, and against any candidate that supported any support for Israel.

How is it that US citizens health, education and similar are languishing for lack of financial support while Isreal gets 3.3 million dollars a year, plus military suppport?


But that’s not “corporate PAC money,” so it’s OK. Right…I mean…Oh never mind…Where are the real Clowns when you need them…


These people don’t stand for anything. Who the hell are they? There must just be an empty space inside.


I doubt anyone here seriously believes that Senator Harris is anything more than an empty suit. Just a faux progressive sticking her finger in the wind and doing the bare minimum. Look, positioning yourself as the new updated, male (booker) or female (harris) version of Obama isn’t going to work. We aren’t buying that ruse again so best keep your current day job.


You’ve got to be kidding. Harris is being groomed as the next Obama. Cenk really earning that $20 mill.

Liberalism is dying because of these corporate owned shills.


Great. Sure took her a while to think about this most basic issue though.


If anyone is dumb enough to believe that, hey, I have some real-estate in Florida…


Ohio happens to have a Green Party alternative to Sherrod Brown this November who already does not take any big money contributions. Philena Farley had to be on the primary ballot as a write-in candidate, because the major party controlled state BoE disqualified enough of her signatures to keep her and our State Treasurer candidate, Paul Curry, from being named on the primary ballot. So they each need 500 write-in votes in the May primary to be on the November ballot. This BS has got to end. Every legitimate party needs to be recognized and allowed full-ballot access. This is a major reason why 100 million eligible U. S. citizens did not vote in 2016, they do not feel they can have a voice that matters in our politics. So if you are in Ohio and want to see a truly progressive Senator who will only work for the real people, then support Philena Farley on May 8 and ask for a Green Party ballot.


As an incumbent her voting record speaks for her. To denigrate a position I would hope all political aspirants to hold to is counterproductive. As Ms. Harris is not one of my representatives, who are all Democrats, I cannot speak to her record and that is for her constituants to decide.


Actually, U.S. Senators represent all U.S. citizens, in addition to their constituencies. Also, their inactions and actions profoundly affect the lives of every being on Earth and the biosphere itself.

Harris is a typical capitalist neoliberal imperialist Democrat who gets alot of milage from the fact that she is a woman of color. Which means she’ll do well w/in the neoliberal capitalist Democratic wing of the Duopoly corporate party, giving it yet another face to deflect from the murderous, criminal organization it is.


That’s a good question. You wonder how they can still pose as human beings and get away with it. That said, what matters to the rest of us are the very real social roles they play in the political-economy of U.S. based capitalism.


I saw photos of some of those “peaceeful” Palestinian protestors. Some were throwing hand grenades Do you call that peaceful. I do think Palestinians should be citizens of their own state. But I read too that Hamas wants to destroy Israel and Jews throughout the world. My question is when is it self defense on the part of the Israeli citizens and when is it unfair treatment to the Palestinians. This is the pertinent question.