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Preventing Spike in Evictions Will Help Limit COVID-19’s Spread

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/10/preventing-spike-evictions-will-help-limit-covid-19s-spread

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We need to dump the GATS so we can set up means so that families can get affordable public housing again. The road we’re on now millions may lose their homes soon due to the planned redevelopment of older buildings due to the tripling of energy costs due to export. This lets them declare older buildings are blight. And as GATS prohibits building them new ones, and the new rules will only allow the much richer to rent we’ll probably have to set the poor up with trailers in the middle of nowhere. And charge them market rent for even that. GATS is a treaty, part of the WTO, that prevents governments interfering between predating corporations and their uh… customers…


Looks just like trolling, or someone trying to sell a book, or repetitive attempts to quash interest in Commons threads. I don’t see any excuse for incessant, eternal shoehorning of every issue into GATS – It’s certainly an extremely boring mannerism, whether intended that way or not. This due to that due to the other… from such bountiful streams of logic I can attribute the Climate Catastrophe to the hangnail on my left pinkie. What is the point?

Back to the point: evictions and homeless people. There does not exist a city in USA with less vacant housing stock than it has homeless people. Not a single building needs to be constructed to house people – it would be enough to allow people into already existing housing. Why make it seem more complicated than it actually is, unless you’re invested in misery?

we’re on pace for 100,000 dead in 1 month. The american public has lost hope and has given up.

Oh… and the evictions will go ahead as planned so that the munchins and kuchners of the world may feast as the masses look aghast at the evil that has taken over our world.

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Funny how you just answered your own question. You dont get a free pass to be THAT stupid. If you persist in it after being presented with the answer, my friend, you are the one who is trolling.


No, we haven’t lost hope, even if some folks wish we had.

Which reminds me of the title of a good book, its by Richard Blum. “Killing Hope” its published by Zed Press in London. (no relation)