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Price for Witnessing Against War


Price for Witnessing Against War

Ray McGovern

Fr. Daniel Berrigan’s funeral was being live-streamed Friday, as I started to write this, which seems only fitting. Dan’s witness and writing have been a constantly re-chargeable battery for my moral compass.

Live-streaming (arranged by America magazine) was the next-best thing to being at the funeral in person. And it brought back memories of getting shoe-horned into West Baltimore’s St. Peter Claver church in early December 2002 for an equally moving celebration of the life of Dan’s younger brother, Fr. Phil Berrigan.


Thank you Mr. McGovern! - for your activism, for your example, your courage, your inspiring words and work, and for ALL you have done to make our nation and world a better place!


Hillary, emulating Pinochet shows her "Progressive credentials":

"Still, one would have thought the Kafkaesque nature of my brutalization at the very moment Clinton waxed eloquent about respecting dissent – in Iran – might have provided irresistible grist for a news story or commentary."


Proud to have Ray as a member of Veterans For Peace - love the t-shirt !!
(He was kind enough to be a keynote speaker at the VFP convention last year.)


Thank you, Ray, for your courage and your activism.

McGovern is so very right about the trend in government to use more force and severity in dealing with activists or dissidents. The already thin line that separates the illegal and immoral foreign policy of this country from the policy it observes at home continues to fade. Indeed, you can make an argument that they are, in fact, one and the same, the only difference bing a matter of transparency.


“Weren’t you afraid?”



The MSM made a big hue and cry over Trump preventing dissident voices at his rallies, but in the case of HRC’s brutalizing McGovern their attacks were reserved for the victim.

The 1% really know how to use their media lackeys.


I don't know what you might call it, but to me it's more than a trend at this point. :no_mouth:


Speaking of anti-war, there happens to be a war going on in Syria (even if all is quiet here on CD).

Russia's second intervention in the empire's campaign to demolish Syria, like Russia's first intervention has slowed down the rate at which this is happening. It has forced a pause in the war, but by no means has it stopped the empire from continuing, and restarting the war.

For the benefit of those who missed it, Syria is documented as one of the countries that the USA would overthrow even before 911. It is part of the PNAC plan, and it has been revealed by a top general as being part of the plan laid out by George W Bush (GWB) prior to 911. I do not have time for painstaking research for the sake of perfect accuracy, but approximately the following happened:-

  • In 2011, the USA took advantage of the "arab spring" to attempt a revolution in Syria. Groups were armed and trained. There was an outbreak of protests. President Assad of Syria brutally put down the dissent. At this point, I would like you switch the hats, and imagine what would happen to a dissident group in Texas that was armed and trained by Russia.

  • Over the next few years AlQueda in Syria (AlNusra) and ISIS, fattened by the convoys of weapons and Toyota pickup trucks, and supported by NATO air power have managed to take over the northern part of Syria leaving the Syrian government in control of only the southern part of Syria.

  • While there is a group called by our media as "moderate rebels", they are small, and have been documented several times handing their weapons, generously provided by the USA, over to AlNusra. Most genuine commentators do not regard them as being powerful enough to be consequential.

  • The south of Syria itself has been subject to bombardments from Israel, which has destroyed whole towns. Syria has never responded to them, because to do so would give Israel the excuse to demolish Syria from the South.

  • ISIS have taken their Toyota pick-ups and their weapons over the border into Iraq and declared the beginning of a new caliphate. This well armed group swept and ousted the Iraqi military from parts of northern Iraq. They have made the news with their religious extremism, and public be-headings. Our news service never satisfactorily explained why this group was so well armed, but used the be-headings to fuel fear-mongering and justify escalating air-force activity, which mostly happened in support of Isis and AlNusra in Syria.

  • Refugees from the fighting streamed over to the west into Europe. Our media blamed the refugees entirely on President Assad, and Obama and his minions declared that Assad would be removed from power (which was always the plan)

  • In 2013, clearly the USA top brass had decided that it was time for USA forces to directly sack the remaining part of Syria. Obama declared a red line. If Assad were to use chemical weaponry, then it would directly invade Syria (i.e. boots on the ground). Within two weeks, the predicted chemical occurred in just weeks.

  • Then we have Russia's first interference in the Empire's regime change. Putin proposed a monitored turn over of Syria's chemical weapons stock to the UN. Assad agreed. Obama reluctantly agreed. Later, the chemical weapon was shown to have been launched from the rebel camps and not from the Syrian government. The false flag was no surprise to those who have come to know how the USA operates.

  • NATO air power (including Australian), justified by ISIS public be-headings, continues to supports ISIS and AlNusra attacks on the Syrian government. Millions of refugees from the fighting are causing stress in Europe. Weapons are air-dropped to the rebels. Weapons convoys operate across the Turkish border bringing weapons for ISIS and oil on the return journey. Russia publicises satellite evidence of the ongoing convoys.

  • By late 2015 The Sryian government is by now exhausted and close to collapsing. Russia interfered with the empires regime change a second time. It supplied the Syrian government with modern weaponry to match the USA weaponry being supplied to ISIS and AlNusra. Further, it supplied air power to support the Syrian military operations and to destroy the weapons convoys that supplied ISIS. This gradually brought NATO advances to a halt, and allowed the Syrian government to reclaim territory that it had previously ceded to ISIS and AlNusra.

  • Seeing the NATO back terrorist forces being defeated, John Kerry sues for peace. This eventually results cease fire is reached early in 2016. Russia withdraws its air-force.

Now to the present:- "John Kerry Draws New Red Line For Assad In Syria."
The new deadline for Syrian President Bashar Assad's transition out of power: "The target date for the transition is the first of August," Kerry told reporters. "So we're now coming up to May. So either something happens in these next few months, or they are asking for a very different track."


It has been acknowledged that these so called moderates are linked to Al Qaeda and ISIS.

In essence kerry is stating Assad must surrender to Al Qaeda or else face the consequences. Any person with a lick of sense has to go back to 9/11 and ask themselves just who Al Qaeda was. They are working for the same people now as they did on 9/11.

Seymour Hersh on the US role in the Sarin gas attack.


Excellent summary. Thanks for your informative history and update.


9/11 was not what we were told by the MSM and our government. I do not purport to know what exactly happened, but I can state unequivocally this: anyone that studies the facts and makes a comprehensive open-minded study of 9/11 cannot help but see that the American people and the relatives that lost 3,000 loved ones on that date; that we have been told the most egregious of lies about 9/11. Nothing but a fairy tale that only the most brain dead and brain washed can believe.

These war criminals and evil people behind this tragedy must be brought to justice; because these same people are still in power; somewhere walking around free and one wonders what they have planned next.

This criminal cabal were probably the same criminal cabal that orchestrated the coup D' etat of JFK using another fairly tale repeated by the fawning parasites of the Warren Commission and the sycophantic MSM to condone the lie of the patsy Oswald.