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Pride In “Our Country”? Count Me Out


Pride In “Our Country”? Count Me Out

Pierre Tristam

While lost in Trump's everyday wreckage, the U.S. voted against a United Nations resolution that condemned executions of LGBT people.

Until the next massacre. A vigil in Philadelphia for the victims of the Las Vegas mass shooting.


FUCK this place that takes these vile positions and insults the peoples of the whole western hemisphere by arrogantly calling itself “America.” Where is the world?

The USA is the only country in the Americas that has not abolished the death penalty either explicitly or de-facto i.e. nobody executed in more than a decade or a blanket commutation is in effect.


Pride in our country? As someone said:" pride goes before a fall !"


Democracy in the US is dead. It has been replaced by plutocracy. The Supreme Court, instead of being guided by the principle that government should be of the people, by the people, and for the people, stands instead for plutocracy, and with conceited sophistry, forces that on us. No sign of judicial wisdom here.

If we had a democracy, Trump would not be President. 19% of Americans voted for Donald Trump, and in the end they had no other choice except Hillary Clinton - what a slate for this great nation!.


The sooner the myth of US exceptionalism is popped and shoved into the dustbins of history, the better.

The following video needs to be required viewing in every civics class in every American school, then discussed in depth afterwards (assuming they still have civics classes anymore):
Not The Greatest Country In the World


We still teach civics but I don’t use textbooks because they’re just jingoistic blather focused on minutiae anyone can look up and completely omit discussions about what it means to participate in a social contract, etc.


In my home I have an American flag with a Post-it note that has a RIP under it. I added it about 3 years ago when I finally got my first PC and caught up on things as they stand these days. I now despair when I see the rot that infects the government that seems to have gotten a tremendous boost of toxins the new century. We are definitely on the decline as empires surely become when leaders use resources to start wars, richen themselves at the cost of the citizenry, ruduce regulations and act as if nothing’s wrong. Well it is wrong and we do have despair and the leaders just want to fatten themselves at the cost to all things good for society. So America, RIP.


I think America has been a plutocracy for a long time with democracy just a vision to indoctrinate citizens to be good subjects and obey. In Name only!


I’m not proud of it either, Pierre! Thank you for so eloquently articulating the things that must be said!
For now at least…
America is Trump
Trump is America…
and that’s a damn shame!


Meanwhile, the delusional and oblivious are still deep in slumber. WAKE THE FUCK UP AMERICANS!


Thanks for the link. That is a great video clip!


You may be able to smuggle it into Betsy’s taxpayer-supported “Christian” schools" by putting it in a case labeled “Bible Stories”.


Or worse: “Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall”.


You’re welcome. I watch that at least once a month. It gives me hope.


It is good to raise that issue and thanks to Pierre for doing so.

But I would add that Drumph ran for the office of the presidency as Torquemada, the torturer in chief; and said so loudly dozens of times on the campaign trail. The MSM never saw fit to do more than briefly mention it.

Do you still think that HRC & Trump are the same?


Correction: Officially supports the death penalty. But hairs are there to split and while not surprising this vote is an embarrassment and a travesty for a nation that supposedly is pro democracy. Our creds are melting away like an ice cream cone dropped on a Gila bend sidewalk in August.


No. I mean The USA is the only country in the western hemisphere, save three, that has not outright abolished the death penalty. And of those three, they have not executed anyone in 15 years (Guatemala and Guyana) or have granted a blanket commutation of sentences and will be very unlikely to hand down any more death sentences in the future (Cuba).

Of course you can talk about all the extrajudicial killings by corrupt cops in Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala, and a reported resurgence of paramilitary death squad activity against rural leftists in Colombia while the police look the other way, but that is a different topic.


'forgot how much I looked forward to the Newsroom.


I agree with you Mister Tristam. My stomach churns when I read what we are doing to other human beings. Several years ago I was in a situation with a friend of my daughter in which I was convinced the friend was a psychopath. It was if she had no soul and no feeling toward anyone. And I wondered if it was possible for people to have no soul and here is more evidence that some don’t. And how can we possibly be proud of this?


Considering HRC is the kind to laugh about the sodomizing and death of a sovereign foreign leader and raised no arguments about closing Guantanamo or curtailing U.S. aggression (take the no fly zone fiasco for example), yes. They were at least similar enough for most Americans to not care enough to vote at all.