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'Primary Every Single One of Them': 18 Democrats Join GOP to Pass House Resolution Embracing ICE


'Primary Every Single One of Them': 18 Democrats Join GOP to Pass House Resolution Embracing ICE

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Amid a surging grassroots outcry against ICE's heinous abuses and as a growing number of Democratic voters want the agency to be abolished entirely, 18 House Democrats joined hands with a nearly unanimous GOP caucus on Wednesday to pass a symbolic


Voting “present” is political and moral cowardice. If you are present for the vote and don’t take a stand, then you are worse than absent. You are taking space for someone who is actually willing to be clear on her/his position.


So, these Dim fucks would have your kid taken away with no questions asked…this is psychotically hateful. These are sick puppies:

Bera, CA
Cartwright, PA
Costa, CA
Crist, FL
Cuellar, TX
Gottheimer, NJ
Kind, WI
Lamb, PA
Lawson, FL
Lynch, MA
Murphy, FL
O’Halleran, AZ
Rosen, NV
Schrader, OR
Scott, GA
Sinema, AZ
Suozzi, NY
Visclosky, IN

Yes, all of you are truly sick fucks.


I think the “Democrats” have answered their own plea to the people to “vote the Democrats in, they’ll save you.”
*How can putting the other sock puppet in charge help anyone but the billionaires who own both of the sock puppets?
*The only way We the People can restore our Constitutional Republic is to work together to rid the country, if not the world, of this travesty government of the people by the rich and for the rich. The duopoly is owned and controlled by the 0.01%, dedicated to more wealth and power until they have it all. We the People don’t even fit into the equation other than as downtrodden serfs, to work until we die, to be replaced by yet more hungry serfs.
*This situation has arisen a number of times in history, and has been changed when the serfs, the peasants, finally realize that they have both the numbers, and are the ones who do the work. If they quit, the rich can become poor and hungry, for they don’t know how to actually work for their daily bread.
Up the People! Off the 0.01% and their minions!


It’s moments like this that make me disgusted every time I hear someone declare the need to get out the vote. To what purpose I ask. My choice seems to be limited to either getting knifed to my front, or getting knifed in the back. Like the Ent in Lord of the Rings when asked who’s side I am on…I respond I am on no ones side because no one is on my side.

It all must be Russia’s fault. Have you ever seen the insanity more on display then over this whole Russia fiasco. People have lost their minds and I can see exactly why Republican idiots have just as much distain for the liberals as the liberals have for them. They are both right.


Because nothing says, a truly sick fuck, like someone that wants our borders protected, right?


Please list any of the past and present countries that had/have no borders.

Also please show me a similar, hair on fire comment from the Obama era as he detained far more children in separate facilities.

Also show me proof that you’ve offered room & board to any of the incoming, mmmK?

Along with The Gun Free Zone sign over your front door.

BTW did you know ICE is having to deal with over 100 of these children that have been abandoned by their “parents”?


Remember the Patriot Act and the NDAA? These two pieces of legislation designed to dismantle/override the US Constitution were pushed through Congress with the help of Dems. Goose step by Goose step we are nearing the completion of the fascist state of America where brutality, inhumanity, and immorality will be the norm…


Nothing new, just more proof that if voting mattered, it would be illegal! How many times have we heard this: " IF YOU DON’T VOTE; DON’T COMPLAIN! "


MMin –

BTW did you know ICE is having to deal with over 100 of these children that have been abandoned by their “parents”?

What has actually happened is that coercion has forced some of the parents to surrender their children to the US government. The “forms” made that clear.

As the right wing becomes more exposed, what we see is old white men, hiding behind a “Christian” label, and fixated on making children more vulnerable to sexual predators.


No matter what we have done, has backfired, which means we are not doing what should be done! Expecting things to improve? Full Blown Revolution Coup must be done! Gotta take them all out.


the ugliness and utter disregard for human beings shown by those who voted yes on ICE includes a “doctor” Bera from the state of California, my state . Shows just how corrupt the power of money can be and continues to be. Until we get rid of it, things will only continue to deteriorate. How much more of this insanity I can take only time will tell. I will do everything in my power to get rid of him and the other traitor to all humanity, Costa!


Voting is total BS. Election is rigged. Your vote Amounts to Zero. Past time to take physical Action!


The D-Party playbook for decades: Elect enough DINOs to enable whatever Republicans want.

When the Ds are in total control, they pass Republican policy such as ObamaRomneyCare.

Please note: The Rs were 100% committed to stopping anything Obama wanted to pass. Currently, Trump can almost always count on support for his agenda. This article is a case in point.

What do the Dems stand for?..


True, and what more proof does anyone need than when Bernie said that me and millions more like me, needed to back HRC because we cannot allow Trump to become POTUS! When Bernie, in my opinion, by endorsing HRC, actually enabled Trump to become POTUS!


There are no choices on the ballot, so why vote ?


Actually, the answer ISN’T to primary every single one of them. That always seems to be the “answer” for liberals and the strategy rarely ever works in practice. It’s an expression of demoralization, disgust and weakness.

The answer is to build enough power and put enough pressure on these folks to make them change their position. That was the answer for the people who defended the ACA at town hall meetings, and it was the answer for striking teachers across the country just a few months ago.

No, the answer is not to wait a few months to try to elect another candidate who will be equally unaccountable to his or her constituency. It is to join a growing movement and make the joker in office NOW listen to you NOW.


I did not realize you were Native American as in First Nations not simply born in the US.


Cowards the lot of them.


…This really is not worthy of a response because it’s all bullshit…Several countries have borders that aren’t guarded, but all ‘countries’ have borders, per se…


The consequences of cowardice. Elections do have consequences.