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Primary Health Care Is in Critical Condition. Making Primary Care Public Will Restore Its Health—and Protect Ours

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/09/primary-health-care-critical-condition-making-primary-care-public-will-restore-its

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We do not have a healthcare system - we have a health insurance system.

Once you get rid of the “insurance” system, that’s when the care can begin.


Studies have concluded that better care combined with tens of billions of dollars in savings each year would result if the US had real health care reform, rather than various corporate welfare schemes disguised as health care reform.

Unfortunately those tens of billions of dollars flowing through the medical industrial complex (MIC) each year funds lots of bribes and propaganda to retain the status quo at best or more likely further enhance MIC profits at our expense.


Hi raydelcamino:

I just wonder why the U.S is the only industrialized nation that does not have a workable health care system for all. That would be where taxes cover ALL the people. Sometimes I think this hasn’t happened because most of our money goes to the military----and I am wondering—does the military really take care of all the soldiers__-or is this health care system ripping off soldiers too?
And I also wonder why, as America is involved in wars everywhere----what is the purpose since wars are never won—the generals etc. seem to be getting more and more medals for something----and no one can understand the military reports of where the $ went-----WHY hasn’t this shell game been stopped?

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Although they call it “defense spending” much of the defense budget is spent on corporate welfare programs for the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) and a lot of that welfare buys zero defense capability, just pork barrel projects that benefit the contractor who in turn finances re-election campaigns for Congresscritters who vote in favor of said contractor’s racket.

The “shell game” was threatened during the Viet Nam era, hence the media infotainment component was added to the complex to sanitize war so taxpayers would support it, and to launch the “support the troops” mantra that demonizes anybody who questions pre-emptive occupations and wars, or questions MIMIC corporate welfare programs and budgets.

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Loss of jobs in the medical profession is an interesting response to plague, even a plague such as this.

COMMUNITY HEALTHCARE CENTERS in every neighborhood----

Really, that sounds like way more medical supervision than is warranted or needed.