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Prime Minister-Elect Justin Trudeau has Many Promises to Keep


Prime Minister-Elect Justin Trudeau has Many Promises to Keep

Karl Nerenberg

After one of his three majority victories, Pierre Elliott Trudeau quoted a line from New Hampshire poet Robert Frost’s Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening:

"I have promises to keep / And miles to go before I sleep."

At the late Prime Minister's funeral in 2000 his eldest son Justin paraphrased that quote:

"He kept his promises and earned his sleep."

It is Justin Trudeau who now has promises to keep.

He made many, many promises during this campaign, possibly more than his father made in his five election campaigns combined.


There are stories that time tells, or trends built into the framework of time. Time, that is not linear, but rather composed of the character of a number of overlapping circle dances enacted by planets in our solar system.

If this seems far-fetched, readers should ask how it is then that time as we count it is itself the product of the earth's circle dance around the sun; and that our companion moon's dances around the earth impact not just the oceanic tide, but the mating dances of animals (and some humans), along with the menstrual cycles of female women (and other primates).

With that being said, the times are beginning to favor the sorts of changes that bring greater benefits to human beings and The Earth Mother. The era of armed patriarchal madness--recently on display as one govt. after another led by one warrior-moron after another--gave rise to massive wars, massive refugee problems, and immense environmental and climate-based problems. Obviously, unless humanity counts itself as followers of a new legion of Jim Jones characters, a major course correction is mandatory.

So U.K. sees the beginning shift in Jeremy Corbyn.
And Bernie Sanders gains traction in the U.S.
And Canada elects the young, promising Trudeau.
And Spain's rising Indignados elect a Socialist with some clout.
And Greece attempted to bring in a Leftist govt.
And in South America, many nations embrace practices and standards opposed to those of the reign of corporate dictators

The next 4-5 years will bring tensions to a head. For years I've gone on record stating that the end of 2020 looks to be a time of new global treaties, likely a global board of some sort arbitrating on key decisions... and it will NOT be the old guard protecting the (old) interests of a few at grave, grotesque expense (and exploitation) to the many.

Something very different will take shape and form... and it's heartening that evidence of this Shift is starting to show itself.


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The world is cheering, and watching. Please take our fervent wishes for a world without war, without corporate ownership of public services, of governments by, for, and of the people--take these wishes and make them true for Canada, Mr. Trudeau.

You could start by refusing to sign any new trade pact.


Early indications are that turnout was over 70 percent meaning a whole lot more people got off the couch to vote than in the last few elections. This tells me many of them were that upset at Harper they wanted a different party in power hoping this time there would be that change.

I hope this sends a message to Justin Trudeau that it can not be business as usual as happened under the old Liberals where they justt grew so used to ruling they just took support for granted, If he honors his committments he can keep a lot of those voters in the Liberal camp. If not they will be gone,

These would appear to be the 5 policy platfroms to be adopted immediately.

1>Tax cut for middle class and increase on rich.

2>Cancelling the f35 purchase using the monies saved for the Navy.

3>A panel to review the missing and murdered indigenous women scandal long ignored by the Conservatives.

4>Allowing in 25000 Syrian refugees within the year.

5>Legalizing Marijuana.

The biggest one I want to see is the promise for electoral reform.


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I would like to know two major things about Mr. Trudeau's ambitions as Prime Minister-
1- Will he permanently close the Canadian Tar Sands and stop Keystone XL-
2- Will he deep 6 these bogus "free Trade Agreements with Canada?


Cluck cluck cluck!


Siouxrose, it is nonsense to think that time is not linear. The revolution of the earth around the sun has nothing to do with time and everything to do with the seasons because the axis of the earth is tilted. Graduates of an elite university were asked: "Why are days longer in summer and shorter in winter?" Most could not answer this question. Could you answer it?

The reason time is unidirectional and not circular is because of the Second Law of thermodynamics (entropy can only increase).

When will you understand that it was the invention of agriculture that produced patriarchs that fight wars to obtain land from weaker patriarchs? Saying you dislike this is no different than saying you dislike winter because it is colder than summer. If you look at hunter-gatherer cultures, you find no patriarchs; no private property (you can't own the earth, so you can't fight a war to take land away from other people); and gender equality because females also contribute to the food supply.

The reason that societies are far less patriarchal today than in the past is because agriculture is far less imprtant today than it was in the past. Rev. Malthus assumed that human food production was limited. But he was wrong because agricultural innovation has produced the ability for a small percentage of the population to feed the entire world. Malthus also did not know of demographic transition: when a culture industrializes and women are emancipated. the birth rate goes down (Russia and Japan have negative population growth today).


... with the word "trade" in inverted commas.


So far the only positive thing about this guy that I have read is that he will Legalize Pot- About time I would say-
Other than that it looks like "new boss, same as the old boss".....


I think the Council on Foreign Relations have other plans for our future in this World-