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Principles To Guide The Vetting Of Betsy DeVos


Principles To Guide The Vetting Of Betsy DeVos

Jeff Bryant

President-elect Donald Trump’s appointment of Betsy DeVos for US Secretary of Education in his administration set off a firestorm of commentary on what her impact might be on furthering “school choice” ventures like charter schools and vouchers that send taxpayer money to private enterprises.


Like most other aspects of life in Murka, Edjukashun has been financialized to the extent that it is the only metric that corporations and the politicians they own will pay attention to.


DeVos is a bona fide member of the "meritocracy" who point fingers at the peasants and disparagingly use the term "entitled" when it is the DeVos crowd that feels "entitled" and therefore "merit" their rarefied air placement above the riff-raff. What will she do as Sec of Ed...make all students join the Amway pyramid scheme to work their way through school K-University? Perhaps the non-college prep students after graduating high school could join DeVos' brother Erik Prince's numerous private militia groups wholly funded by federal government contracts particularly for operations in the Middle East.

This T-dump selection is A MAJOR crime against youth whose parents earn far less than any in the DeVos circles. These children are faced with obstacles to their future success from the time they learn to walk.