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“Prison for the Corporate Criminal Elite”


“Prison for the Corporate Criminal Elite”

WASHINGTON - “Former Peanut Corporation of America owner Stewart Parnell was sentenced to 28 years in prison by a U.S. District Court judge Monday. Randy Napier, whose 80-year-old mother died from salmonella poisoning after eating the company’s peanut butter, said the punishment should ‘send a message to the other manufacturers’ of American foods.” AP also reports: “Volkswagen has now admitted that it intentionally installed software programmed to switch engines to a cleaner mode during official emissions testing.



Suite deals for corporate killers


If we prosecute these people and corporations, then where are the regulators go to make their millions?


About time some form of media tell the truth about our get out of jail free corporate criminals.


Nice way of wording what kind of boarding they get.


And...who will run the banks, wall-street and government...we the people...are being robbed by So Many...The richest nation of all time and it looks like a 3rd world country out my window.


Maybe the identifying factor is the pin-stripped suit with french cuffed shirts...in our way-back machine I see Teddy walking softly and carrying a Big stick


Well, if they ever were tried, convicted and sentenced, I wouldn't foresee a strike over their prison conditions.

On the other hand ...