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Prisoners’ Struggle Ends Indefinite Solitary Confinement


Prisoners’ Struggle Ends Indefinite Solitary Confinement

Marjorie Cohn

Confirming Frederick Douglass’s adage, “Power concedes nothing without a demand,” prisoners held in solitary confinement for many years in California have won an unprecedented victory. After three hunger strikes, in which tens of thousands of California inmates participated, and a federal class action lawsuit filed on behalf of prisoners by the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), a landmark settlement was reached.


This is a remarkable first step in restoring Constitutional Rights. There are ongoing campaigns to eliminate Mass Incarceration, Stop the Failed War on Drugs, End Capital Punishment, Abolish Indefinite Detention and Mandatory Minimum Sentencing, and Restore Habeas Corpus.

STATE MURDER IS BAD PUBLIC POLICY. Especially in the context of a growing and vengeful, politicized and moralistic Right Wing Government. And especially when there is evidence that the accused was deliberately framed for premeditated murder as in the case of Oklahoma's Richard Glossip.

Today, at 3 PM, Glossip will be wrongfully executed by the State of Oklahoma unless the Courts, Governor Fallin or President Obama intercede with a Stay of Execution. Fox 25 Investigation presented evidence of exculpatory evidence withheld and later destroyed by the Oklahoma County Court. There is new evidence of the confessed murderer bragging that he had framed Glossip.

The case was prosecuted by former OK County District Attorney, "Cowboy Bob" Macy who was Democrat, and damned proud of his record of sending over fifty convicted criminals to their deaths. Even if there were a few ethical problems with the legal processes involved. And there were more than a few problems with his convictions.

Go to: SaveRichardNow dot org and call President Obama. Even former Republican Senator Tom Coburn is asking the state to issue a Stay of Execution. Glossip will be put to death unless this stay is issued.

This is a gross miscarriage of justice. It further illuminates the problems with Capital Punishment.



Good News from the Oklahoma Court of Appeals: A temporary Stay of Execution was issued this morning stopping the scheduled execution of Richard Glossip. http://www.tulsaworld.com/news/courts/update-temporary-stay-issued-new-execution-date-set-for-richard/article_dedd76c7-0b41-5026-b8af-56a0a87484a0.html


Hooray!!!!! This is great news! Thank you!