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'Prisons for Babies': Young Migrants Forcibly Separated From Parents Sent to 'Tender Age' Shelters


'Prisons for Babies': Young Migrants Forcibly Separated From Parents Sent to 'Tender Age' Shelters

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Under the Trump administration's cruel and widely condemned family separation policy, immigrant babies and young children torn from their parents at the Southern border have been sent to a trio "tender age" shelters that, according to lawyers and medical professionals who have visited the South Texas facilities, feature "play rooms of crying preschool-age children in crisis."


Great term “enabler”, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner. Let’s join those who shamed Kirstjen Nielsen and shame all of the enablers who dare to crawl out from under their rocks of inhumanity. Make their lives a living hell as they are doing to the innocents.


The media loves this stuff - the reality is that this is happening all over the world. The sanctimonious outcry is pathetic and the reality is that this situation will get Trump more votes.


‘Tender Age’ detention. That’s just perverted…


Hello Spacecadet, Thanks for pointing out that others do it? In that case why don’t you and others like you “jump off a bridge without the gear to get you back up”! After all others do it!!!


I am sorry you must make a meaningless insult - verifies your mentality. We have an overpopulated world with problems that are not going to be solved by words.


While opponents of these policies find these actions reprehensible, these revelations serve to deepen the degree to which Trump’s base supports him.

Perversely, the one thing that I find causes some pause in support for these practices is the notion that the US government may have no choice but to grant citizenship to children who can no longer be traced to the families from which the government has separated them.


Abusive systems create abusive individuals.
Child abuse in the US is systemic:


We should be making ALL of the current Admin members lives a living hell every day! Not only on this issue. On ALL of it! Surround their Residences, work places and bring what ever you need to protect yourselves in self defense!


You can call it anything you want but it is still detention.


BS! The “reality” is that this atrocity and contempt for the child victims and human rights by a depraved, pathological regime of liars and corruption is doing it HERE. Not that all the other atrocities in many places on earth - many notably committed/funded/supported by the SAME trump regime that is doing this - those other crimes against humanity must also be addressed. Action and activism begins at home!

Not a good start for respect here, for a one day voice…


The trump regime has some “method”, website, or “system” to help parents find their kidnapped children, but that is rubbish!

The trump regime began this crime and separation, has funded the detention centers and the other costs - no small burden for taxpayers, and a squandering of resources (one trump weekend in Mar-a-Lago costs costs taxpayers approximately $3.6 million every time!!..or more - and now its NOT acceptable to only give parents info on where their children have been taken, hundreds of miles away…The trump regime MUST transport and reunite the children with their parents wherever they are and foot the goddamn bill to the last frelling cent!!

MoFo’s have no moral compass, integrity, any shred of wisdom, or basic humanity…only a fascist right-wing R’Con agenda!! The Liar-in-Chief, the ginger pig, is a chancre on humanity!!ENOUGH!


Trump will probably soon sign something to end the child separations. If the response from the media is simply to return to harmless joking about Trump’s “tweets” that we have truly lost…


America’s shameful history:


And then take credit for stopping the suffering “caused by the Democrats.”


You don’t seem like a respectful person to me … I despise Trump and his ilk but meaningless rants are not going to solve the problem. This is supposed to be a forum for discussion and viewpoints. I am a newbie here and I believe intelligence and truth are the only way we can come close to solving our problems. Emotions and overstatements simply make things worse.


If that is your intention, Sally, you will be received in response to your comments here, as are others. Your comment I responded to did not seem “respectful” to the victims of trump & co…but obtuse…concern for those child victims (and all others) is hardly “sanctimonious” or “pathetic”. .


The world should have no “borders”. People are trying to survive anyway they can … have a nice day.


“V” Sally is not my real name -


Yes, I figured that…be well.