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Privacy Activists Rally Around Apple in 'Most Important Tech Case in a Decade'



Last night Donald Trump was asked about this and he was adamant that Apple was wrong. Since 9/11 we have given way too much of our rights and privacy away. I am glad Apple is standing up for its' customers' privacy. I am sure they could help the government with this particular phone WITHOUT handing over a master key.


This is really a manufactured issue.
If the FBI really wanted to, they have the technological ability to open this single phone themselves. (They can copy the data and massage it as much as they want.)
But their real goal is to force manufacturers to provide a backdoor that will open up all phones and electronic devices, hence they have created this legal sideshow to get the public on their side in the name of fighting terrorism.
The FBI needs to change its name to the Fascist Bureau of Investigation.


You're being too nice


You know that old BS about terrorists attacking us because they hate our freedoms is currently shone to be just a load of crap.
Go ahead Mr Comey assist the terrorists in dismantling our rights.
And abusing the tragedy in San Bernardino as your personal tool to trash our rights.
Have you no decency sir.

And I'll say it again, one case however tragic is no reason to trash everyone's right to privacy.

Go ahead Mr Comey assist the terrorists. you're doing exactly what bin laden requests of his followers.

Shame, shame on you for using victims to accomplish what you are too cowardly to do via the legislative process. Why because you know you have no chance of getting it passed.

You represent what is most base in our government.


Mr Comey if you are so hell fired bent on stopping terrorists why don't you go after those responsible for home grown community terrorism and start tracking police shootings

You'll find the dead count far exceeds anything the foreign terrorists have accomplished


Yes, "they" (the "terrorists") hate us for our freedom.
So the FBI is solving the problem by taking away our freedom.
Once we have no more freedom, "they" will no longer hate us.
Problem solved.


You choose the champion who is availed to get the job done
I could care less about apple and I despise their overseas manufacturing with subsequent tax avoidence havens.
But as a veteran I really have disagreement with the abusers in high level gov't posts
This is not about phones I would think that would be obvious


Apple is going to roll over eventually. When they do, don't expect them to issue a press release about it.

Get ready to get rid of all your digital technology. It's convenient and even fun having these gadgets, but not worth it at the price of living an undignified life as a surveilled slave.


Apple has a commitment to its customers. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has a checkered past with the law including admitting to assassinating dissidents


If one takes into account the prism program in which social media and search engine companies where used in some cases without their knowledge to spy on people's personal information, than the FBI neither deserves nor requires apples help.


What happens when the government gives you no choice?


Or the Fascist Bureau of Intimidation .


What are you ? Some kinda commie ? You like them terrorists? You think maybe them turban twisters got rights ? You want your daughter to wear a burkha ?
Real Americans don't need no stinkin' rights ! If they got nothin' to hide , they got nothin' to fear ? Why are you makin' life so HARD for the popos and the feds ?


I am going to assume that is a joke and lol but its a bit realistic for a joke.


Yes i know, but if trust falls too sharply in the brand because customers think apple is lacking is its commitment to security,its sales while be effected.


You don't think the government spys on the amish?


can you confirm your source because snopes says that is just a static model. Your overall point however, i find to be accurate.



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