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Privacy Advocates Celebrate Court Ruling on Class-Action Suit Targeting Facebook's Facial Recognition Tech

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/09/privacy-advocates-celebrate-court-ruling-class-action-suit-targeting-facebooks

It wasn’t that long ago when I had trouble finding some phone numbers. It sounds like pretty soon, like government, we will be able to follow around any individual, on screen, 24/7.
Punch in Jane and there she is sunbathing in her back yard. OOPS, sorry Jane, didn’t see you there. Well actually I did.

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It’s gratifying to know there are at least a few judges with integrity still sitting.

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I was just thinking, all privacy and progressive lawsuits need to somehow be filed in the 9th Circuit Court, they seem to be the last of the courts willing to side with the people.

You are so right. I was confused at first because Illinois is not in the 9th Circuit but, of course, the suit was brought in the defendant’s jurisdiction, California. And that is the 9th Circuit.

Need to watch “The Great Hack” on Netflix.

Back in Romania after the Communists went down the drain there were questions about what we gonna do with all them unemployed Securitate agents. Joke was we gonna make them all taxi drivers. You get in the back seat and just say “Take me home”. It’s all automated now…