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Privacy Advocates Herald Bill to Curb Corporate Use of 'Enormously Invasive' Facial Recognition Technology

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/04/privacy-advocates-herald-bill-curb-corporate-use-enormously-invasive-facial

End these extra-legal ( imo ) privacy invasions completely. All of it/them. Disgusting and disturbing doesn’t even begin to describe my feelings about how wrong all this secret-snooping crap truly is. Go away! Stay away!
I don’t feel safer while under surveillance, either. I feel like I need a long shower just commenting here about these creepy practices, mostly.
Good for two of my favorite Senators, as well.


Paparazzi. How does that word make you feel? Do you value your anonymity? I do! I very much being a nobody. Being invisible is being free. Remember when then NSA Director Gen. Keith Alexander said “collect it all.” This is serious. The fourth amendment was penned with a purpose, folks.

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Everyone needs to either read or reread the novel, “1984,” by George OrweII. After you do that , Look over the First and Fourth amendments and then move on REREAD AII OF THEM —as sometimes, as the worId changes----things can be thought of as having more or Iess power. However, do read “1984,” and think about what Life would be Iike in Winston Smith’s worId ----or have we faIIen too far down the rabbit hoIe now?


Do we really want to live under constant surveillance by unaccountable corporations?

What they have, we volunteered, and continue to add to their info hoard every moment of every day. What is Facebook-InstaTwit-Youtube-Google-cellphones-internet but a network of voluntary info-pipelines that we hurl ourselves into like lemmings?


Most of us here have lived during a time when privacy was cherished by the citizenry, sadly the younger generations have been conditioned, and don’t miss what they never had.