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Privacy Takes Major Hit as Court Rules No Warrant Needed for Cell Location Data



Again this type of surveillance is directed towards normal law abiding people rather than the criminal.

There an easy way to thwart it if one wishes to and that by buying a number of cheap disposable cell phones under ones name and locating them in different places or having them shipped willy nilly all over the place. Regular people would see little reason to do this.

This has nothing to do with fighting crime and everything to do with monitoring the population.


Thay must have been conservative justices....I hope the police gets to look in their phone records and see how the justices like it,,,,Orr eerrrr maybe they have an exemption like congress and senaters....Seems they are special and above all laws they make us obey.


Of course, this is a monitoring of the law-abiding population by the criminal. It reduces law to fiat.

It is worth considering that senators' data actually is also available to police and black ops, and will certainly be used to keep them in line. Consider who and what the players in that scenario are likely to be, and into what line they are apt to be kept.

There is one very clear response: drop the cell phone. There are objections. Can you get over them?