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Private Health Care as an Act of Terrorism


Private Health Care as an Act of Terrorism

Paul Buchheit

The FBI defines terrorism as "Acts dangerous to human life...intended to intimidate or coerce a civilian population." Much of the behavior of our current health care system meets that definition. The facts show intention on the part of corporations to intimidate the population by using market strategies to charge whatever they like for their medical products and services, and an effort to coerce the public into accepting the current system as the only option.


Remove financial “incentive” from health, education, “correction”, environment, etc… NOW!


Indeed shoving privatized medicne down our collective throats is “intended to intimidate or coerce a civilian population”- good observation on that. I agree that it is terrorism. That is its intimidating and coercing us to give up demanding a public health care system. There was a time in the late 1800s and early 1900s when the topic of how hospitals should be funded and financed was in question. At the time, operating a hospital as a municipal entity was such a new and unfamiliar concept that people just couldn’t wrap their brains around it. So,the idea just didn’t gain traction like it should have. That was the golden opportunity to make hospital services available to the public. Now there’s so many stakeholders with their thumbs in the pie that they aren’t about to go without kicking and screaming over the risk of losing their cash cow.


But this is the law of the land.
The best law that your money can buy.
The money that you don’t have, can pay the CEO of United Health a Billion.
Not the old school 175 million that CEO s for Wellpoint and BlueCross would get.
Oh no.

The pay check to pay check class is paying for the system with their lives.
And they do not have the power to care or make a difference.

At least Bernie wants single payer.

It is time to put the Hillary campaign to rest.


But hey, man, we all have Obamacare now, so none of this is a problem anymore.

Now excuse me, I have to go get an auto title loan and sell some plasma so I can make an installment on my copay.


The article mentions that deductibles have gone from $600 a year to $1,200. Ha, that’s cheap. The deductibles for the Bronze plans are $5,000 a year for a single person. Even after that not everything is covered 100%. So the gulli8ble have to feed the insurance companies with monthly premiums, with yearly deductibles and lots of co-pays. That’s supposed to be an improvement?

They are all so proud that there are so many really poor people in America who are now eligible for medicaid. Good luck finding a doctor. Waiting lists for clinics are about 6 months. If anything goes wrong before that go to the ER.

So Bernie is talking about single payer. Remember Obama campaigned on single payer and tossed it into the garbage as soon as he was elected. Thought that Vermont was going to go to single payer. Did not happen. Once again just a lot of talk.


I remember how the Republicans were pulling out all the stops on President Obama as he was trying to pass this healthcare bill. What we see is the resulting compromise that the Republicans had to agree on before it would pass. Wonder what we would have got if O’Bomber had shown more backbone?
I don’t see what is so “affordable” about the ACA. $5K deductibles? To someone who is unemployed they cannot afford it. If they are under-employed, they make too much to qualify for Medicaid.
Then there are these jokers who say “single payer” and “socialized healthcare” for all is “evil.” They screech “you will lose your freedoms as you pay more taxes!” Freedom for who? The KKK? “Freedom” to have your metadata stored?
FREEDOM, for one, is being HEALTHY enough to WORK. And not having to go bankrupt when one gets sick.
These “terrorists” are stealing from us our “freedom”. Yeah. Put “The ‘T’ Word” on it and see if it gets their attention!


“the average deductible has more than doubled in just eight years, from under $600 to over $1,200”

Even financially stressed Americans might tolerate the occasional one-time medical bill due to an emergency. Now try asking Americans to pay $1200 out of pocket for psychotherapy costs. A much, much higher percentage will not because this seems less necessary than getting a broken leg set. Yet, that counseling just may save the person’s life or cut short the depression causing them to miss work on multiple days. High deductibles are the perfect formula for killing mental health services and promoting pills to solve everything.


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I read with interest research on a home remedy that was prescribed by physicians to patients over 1000 years ago.

The recipe to making this concoction was printed freely in medical textbooks of the day. It acted as an anti-biotic to treat diseases of the eye.

They found that this treatments ability to treat infections vastly superior to any drug today and that it even worked on what are referred to as super bugs that have evolved a resistance to today’s anti- biotics.

Now while pointing out how effective this treatment appears to be and how it was provided for free to the medical community of the day some 1000 years ago, I am going to offer the suggestion that one of the pharma giants of the day will claim they discovered what makes this work and patent the drug derived from it , selling it for thousands of dollars per pill.

Intellectual property rights and patents and trademarks are just another scam in a never ending list of scams that occur in this so called "free market "


A Johns Hopkins professor explained, “They are marking up the prices because no one is telling them they can’t.”

Ahhh, one of the great advantages of a ‘self regulating’ system! As corporations have successfully railed against “Big Government” for years claiming that if the corporations could just self regulate, we would all end up with cheaper prices, better service and less waste. The fact that the opposite has occurred hasn’t shocked the healthcare industry, but they have been surprised that the general public seems to still believe in this horrible system.
Tough regulations require a lot of man/woman power to be effective, yet this seems to be lost on most people. Instead I hear the same old drivel about government waste as if the private sector is some sort of incredible example of high efficiency and fair play. And while my freind at Aetna says that they have been waiting for years for the hatchet to fall, somehow they keep getting away with it year after year. Maybe the public has just accepted that they will never get single payer healthcare and that healthcare is and will always remain a privledge of the rich and powerful.


For a shocking comparison with the rates in a sane, civilized country, check the actual, current health care costs for individuals and families in British Columbia. And while you read and weep, remember that this coverage involves no copays, that medical bankruptcy is impossible North of the border, and that no Canadian doctor is “out of network”.

This is what the Democrats cheated us out of, folks. This.



Vote Green and you may experience single payer health care before we and most of the other species on and under our earth are fried out of existance.


It worth poiting out that BC is the last Province in Canada that charges those premiums. In all others there no monthly premiums.


The “general public”, the “most people”, and the “public” in their near universal ignorance keep voting for the same duopoly enablers that perpetuate the US system of sick care usury.


The difference between Bernie and Obama is that Obama has been proven to be a consummate liar. Also, Bernie is not the governor or a legislator of Vermont.


Ah, so that’s why I couldn’t find the other Provinces’ rates.

Thanks. Even more depressing, vis a vis the USA, but thanks for the info.


The Democratic Party controlled the white house, senate and house of representatives from the time the ACA shell game started on January 20, 2009 until January 19, 2011, nearly 10 months after Obama signed the ACA. Obama needed (and got) ZERO GOP VOTES in the senate and house to pass the ACA,

Therefore, 1) no compromise between Dimcrats and GOP was ever needed or ever occurred, and 2) Obama DID show his backbone, a backbone financed by the drug and insurance industries,

Although the GOP was 100% irrelevant in the 2009-2010 ACA shell game, Obama used them for cover when some of his base criticized him for implementing a refried version of the plan that Newt Gingrich introduced in the mid 90s and Mitt Romney subsequently implemented in Massachusetts.

As Obama told network TV on September 9, 2009 : “Healthcare reform must preserve insurance company profits.”


Been a while since i lived there but Ontario (the Canadian province) had a healthcare tax and they also introduced a premium on top of that at some point in the early 2000s.

I used to make $25k at the time on 2 person household and my net pay was $364/week. That’s a 25% tax rate. Comparing that to the what i get taxed in the US (never went past 12%) and what i pay for health insurance i’d say it’s about even, maybe better here



Some months ago I saw or read an article of a situation in Japan. The article used one specific example: a middle aged woman whose mother is aged and has dementia. The woman tried to confine her mother at home, which caused a lot of unhappiness for both mother and daughter. Now the woman lets her mother wander about, and relies on the neighbors and local police to keep an eye on her, and to bring her home if mother wanders too far. And that make mother happy.

Had to look,
‘Mom Turned Into a Monster’: 10,000 Seniors Go Missing in Japan


What happened next taught Akiko things she never knew
about her mother – and herself. Asayo’s walks lasted hours upon hours
and into the early morning. At first, her daughter followed from a safe
distance. When police assured her they’d try to keep an eye on Asayo,
she let her mom roam around the city alone. "