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Private Health Insurance Stocks 'In Free Fall' as Medicare for All Gains Momentum

Private Health Insurance Stocks 'In Free Fall' as Medicare for All Gains Momentum

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With comprehensive Medicare for All legislation now introduced in both chambers of Congress and bolstered by surging grassroots support, health insurance stocks are "crumbling" as investors grow increasingly fearful that single-payer could eventually become a reality.


it’s time to put these bastards out of business!


Death to the real death panels–“health” “insurance” industry boards of directors!


These are Parasitic sociopathic middlemen scam companies.
They must be shrunk down to a size where you could drown them in a bathtub

Health Insurance companies do not make their money by PROVIDING Healthcare.
Health Insurance companies make their money by DENYING Healthcare.

From Wendell Potter’s website:

How to spot the health insurance industry’s favorite Democrats


PS: Here’s an example of another scam:

The stock market is not investing, it is Gambling. You gamble, expect to lose.


In 2016, I supported Hillary Clinton because I thought she could win.

In 2020, I think I’ll support Sanders now for the same reason.

Anyway, the more the insurance companies clout can be reduced, the better. Because the more their clout is reduced, the easier it will be to pass medicare for all.


By the same token… if you INVEST in a membership with a LOCAL co-op, every $1000 you spend in that co-op represents an estimated $1,600 IN THE COMMUNITY.


Imagine the possibilities of cooperative community ownership, Public Banking, and the horizon that NEVER gets any attention in MSM.


I think of it in terms of making them irrelevant by fully recognizing the elements of Single Payer.
Take that! HRClinton


Let’s hope the fossil fuel people take this message just as seriously and start packing it up.


I think I’ve died and gone to MFA Heaven.

And, everything’s paid for.

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yep. and thx for the reminder.
I lived in Eugene Or in the 70’s thru early 80’s. I joined a couple of coops and volunteered and work off my dues etc for years there. Great experience but haven’t done that in a long time (Live in N IL now). NOw that I"m semi-retired I should get back in to it.

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See this is why we need health Insurance Companies, They make money on the stock market for their CEO’s. They have thousands of Employees that need that money. Maybe a few people have to get denied, but its good for the CEO’s and Employees. Maybe a few people die or go bankrupt, so what,thousands of company employees depend on that money. Are we going to destroy these companies and Wall Street, just so poorer people can see the doctor for free, we are not Socialist, we are proud capitalist . We don’t mind if we have to step over some poor people on the side walk [I never look at them anyway], they are losers , we are winners. “Sarcasm” but we will see arguments like that.


In a news cycle that is a shyte storm of bad, this is good news!
Everyone that I know is sick to death (in some cases, literally!) of the
for-profit healthcare industry that doesn’t deliver jack diddle in terms of actual healthcare, with road blocks and high co-pays at every turn.


The Democrats should begin coalescing behind Bernie, the man with the ideas and the man who knows how to promote and defend Medicare For ALL.

Bernie has drawn back the curtain and revealed that For Profit Insurance providers are in business to make money.

The CEO’s of Insurance Companies are becoming multi millionaires and making a fortune for their stockholders by rejecting basic Health Care services required by their customers.

Premiums are constantly sky rocketing because Administrative costs are increasing exponentially.

The head of United Healthcare is more interested in refurbishing his Yacht than his customers who need the services that he is denying them.

Bernie has their number and even Fox Fans are beginning to realize that they are being gouged by their Private Insurance provider because of exorbitant out of control Administrative fees.


And the idiot in the White House sent out Seema Verma, who is up there with DeVos, Bolton and Abrams as the worst people in the country, to lie about Medicare. She went on Fox, and they are clearly scrambling after Bernie went on Fox and lit the place on fire.

These companies profit off of denying people care, profit off of death, profit off of people that pay into a healthcare system that would prefer it be spent on, well, healthcare and not massive executive pay, profits, marketing and lobbying costs, or the inefficiencies that result from having to manage the complexities of a multi-payer and chaotic system. Burn baby burn, I hope those running the companies are losing a ton of money today. Fuck them and their lobbyists, and fuck the politicians that take their bribes (every Republican to many leading Democrats).


Rule of thumb: if it’s bringing the market down, it’s a good thing. This is based on the observation that Mr Smith’s invisible hand of the market keeps poking me in places I’m not comfortable with.


If Trump wanted to cinch the 2020 election, all he’d have to do is come out in favor of MFA. And he’s got the balls to do it. Trump doesn’t care if he pisses off his own party, his fellow plutocrats or anyone else. Winning is his only concern and snatching the one issue dems could win with would make sense. Could you imagine the look on Pelosi’s face if he did! That 5 mile stare and unblinking eyes would morph to a pair of marbles.


OK, stock prices are going down, so options traders are taking advantage of any “perceived” volatility - buying puts(hoping prices continue to fall), and selling calls(same thing, from the other side of the "equation). As the option(s) prices increase, profits are taken. It’s likely the “victimized” companies are trading their own declining prices, and still making money on their own volatility.


“Medicare for All” if properly applied will free millions of workers who are tied to virtual slavery jobs because of even minimal med benefits to live more creative lives and possibly benefit society more than being turned into feudal slaves. Coupled with the emerging enormous prescription drug scandals which will give birth to new and heavy restrictions will hit the whole chain of production to distribution path and be advantageous to society as a whole.


I’m with you on welcoming their demise (because the role that is left for them to offer insurance for something that isn’t covered like a private hospital room or optional surgery is probably less than 1% of their current market).

However, I do wonder about the plans for their demise. There is the issue of possible retraining or absorbing some of the workers as government workers to help run the M4A system or (and I’m against this completely) contracting with smaller versions of these companies to help run the system. But there is also the issue of what these companies will demand because we are forcing them out of business. @KC2669 often warns about the courts becoming more conservative and getting in the way of M4A and in general I don’t think they could prevent it, but they could be biased towards a bigger payout to the insurance companies. There were figures for buying out for profit health care providers if we went the route of banning them (which doesn’t look like it’s going to happen with the current incarnation of M4A) - do you know if there are figures for the insurance companies? It would seem the same legal arguments will be in play. (Note: I should have read the house and senate bills by now, but I have not).

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Some could move into Medicare support but most … like we retrained Auto workers, Coal miners, Steel workers, Factory workers displaced by robots etc, etc, etc.

We need a better plan