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Private Insurers Urged to Extend Free Covid-19 Coverage Until Pandemic Over

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/27/private-insurers-urged-extend-free-covid-19-coverage-until-pandemic-over

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Medicare for All. Forget this penny ante shit.


Consider that Medicare for all itself is a compromise. Settling for Medicare for all is the minimally tolerable approach, anything else should cause us to vote for a different candidate.

What needs expanding is rebellion.


For profit companies do not give stuff away. They will recoup all this money down the road when they jack up premiums, increase deductibles and claim it due to these “free services” they provided.


Today on the radio.
Governor Pritzger of Illinois said that no one will pay out of pocket for coronavius C-19 health care costs - at all.

We have placed trillions for borrowed money on the table for banks, wall street (enjoying, aren’t they?) airlines, Boeing, and even other nations central banks and to those who have a branch on the east coast.

The federal reserve has distributed about another 4 trillion and is asking congress for much more. This makes 2009 rescue package look like chump change. And that one was due to London’s greed for 2% handling fee for USA mortgage bonds they peddled.

“access” to healthcare. That means they get to see it waved around in front of their faces and they never get it.

To Common Dreams You need to inform people how our ability to fix this has been taken from us. Its stealing our votes to keep on hiding this situation.

This is the only way out. Until we get out of GATS we cant expand the scope of Medicare to the non-retired, that will destroy it. Everybody -Pramilla Jayapal Bernie has been misleading us. Its literally bait we’'re being fed and its booby trapped. Read the Annex on Financial Services beginning carefully. Not the TISA annex, the GATS annex. (TISA is future, GATS is existing, in other words its a loaded time bomb)

How stupid we are if we fall into this trap, how incredibly stupid. Dont we know what it is we’re dealing with?