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Private Prisons Are Poised for a Comeback Under Trump. Here’s How to Reform Them

Private Prisons Are Poised for a Comeback Under Trump. Here’s How to Reform Them.

Lauren-Brooke Eisen

Just a few months ago, things were looking very bleak for the private prison industry. In mid-August, the Justice Department’s inspector general issued a report finding that privately operated federal prisons are more dangerous than those managed by the federal Bureau of Prisons and need more oversight. Within a week, the Justice Department announced it would phase out private prisons to house federal inmates.

End the Black Holocaust. Legalize drugs and treat addiction as the medical problem it is.


No no no no… These are corporate entities and their driving force is to maximize profit at the expense of services. There can be no reform under such circumstances. If trump says more private prisons, and they will become a fact of life even more so under trump, what makes you think that trump will do anything to make them anything than what they are… a cash cow for some greedy capitalist. To waste time in trying to reform them is futile.


A human life is a terrible thing to waste behind bars. A young man commits a crime to satisfy an addiction and finds himself part of a monstrous dollar driven revolving door. I fear such an unfortunate soul’s only hope of escape might be a return to faith in God thereby leading to eventual triumph over the goading Beast within. John 14:13 “And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.”

Doesn’t the use of the term “comeback” imply that at some point private for-profit prisons had suffered some type of set back?

The author’s idea of “incentifize better outcomes” in the FOR-PROFIT Prisons is RIDICULOUS. The ONLY thing they care about is KLEEPIONG CELLS FULL & MAKING AS MUCH MONEY AS POSSIBLE. We need to direct our energies to 1.END the FAILED “war on drugs”-DE-CRIMINALIZE all drug possession & ONLY JAIL BIG Drug King-pins 2. LOOK AT LOCAL Misdemeanors that create criminal records over TRIVIAL things that then push people OUT of being able to get a job—that is, we need FEWER LAWS. 3. EXCEPT for VIOLENT CRIMES (ultimately also & CRIMES IMPACTING "Society as a whole—such as Executives that POLLLUTE EINVIRONMENT or DO WAGE THEFT of wokers or commit FRAUD in stock market or home mortgaes), ALTERNATIVES TO PRISON: focus on RESTORATIVE JUSTICE & REHABILITATION. I realize that the 2nd part of #3 is a pretty tall item…but, we could FOCUS ON VIOLENT CRIME a lOT more if we stopped jailing people for drugs & trivial bs. It’s amazing to me that people SERVE LONGER SENTENCES for SELLING DRUGS than for RAPE or SERIOUS ASSAULTS. Thsi si a battle we have to fight on the STATE & LOCAL level.

Rather than give a reward to the private prison corporations, for preventing recidivism, give it to the ex-inmates.
Pay released inmates $1,000 if they don’t get convicted of anything for one year, $2,000 for 2 years, etc.
This will have the added benefit of creating a powerful incentive for prison employees to find new jobs that don’t involve caging fellow humans.