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Private Water and Fracking, a Dubious Duo


Private Water and Fracking, a Dubious Duo

Hugh MacMillan

Last week, I got to be a fly on the wall at Shale Insight 2015 in Philadelphia, the annual conference of the Marcellus Shale Coalition, which includes companies working at all stages of gas drilling, fracking, processing and distribution As you can imagine, I heard some concerning things I while there, but among the more revealing “break-out sessions” was a love-fest between the oil and gas industry and private water industry, sponsored by American Water, the largest private water company in the country.


If there's a hell, then real estate must be expanding there...what with a private wing reserved precisely for people like the ones who look for dollar signs by assigning profit to water--a life or death resource. That wing is planned for right next to The Frackers. Perhaps a writer assigned to those fiery domains can entertain the other downcast souls by penning a hellacious episode of "Meet the Frackers!"


Even the Devil has to buy natural gas.............so He is going to look after his mates (and their mates) in the fracking industry. I would rather they went to heaven to spend eternity singing very boring hymns.