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'Privatize the Profit, Socialize the Mess': Abandoned Fracking Wells Left Spewing Climate-Killing Methane Nationwide

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/13/privatize-profit-socialize-mess-abandoned-fracking-wells-left-spewing-climate


Same story in Canada… possibly worse.


Can it be made to work to require firms that win a bid for a fossil fuel deposit to deposit money month by month as they extract the fossil fuel to pay for both taxes and cleaning up their mess, so taxpayers do not get stuck paying for the cleanup?


Capitalism at its finest. Corporations all have limited Liability meaning one can not go after the shareholders personal wealth for these costs.

It a swindle. An investor can make billions in profits off his or her investment and that becomes personal wealth. It shielded from any attempts to recover it. This is how the Corporation operates by design. Now picture a world where those that personally profited off their investments in these Energy Companies became personally liable for these costs , meaning that if a Warren Buffet as example made 3 billion off his investments in one of these firms and cleanup costs of the same were 3 billion dollars, all of that 3 billion would come directly from him.

That would be JUST and that would be fair but Capitalism by design is neither of these things. The system by design protects the wealthy which is exactly how the garner an ever larger percentage of the worlds wealth as poor people are forced to live in the poison wastelands that 1 percent created.


Sue the owners and execs of these fracking companies, seize their assets in order to pay for closing the wells and repairing the damage, and if all else fails and the government refuses to assist in the prosecution of these corporate monsters, well, I can’t articulate that here as it would be considered “too extreme.”


We pick off Pacha Mama’s scabs at our own peril. She gracefully sequestered all of that carbon so that we could live in a wonderful garden among an amazing array of Life. Homo sapiens or homo imprudens?


The amount of methane escaping from abandoned fracking wells pales in comparison to the amount of leakage from abandoned and supposedly capped wells under the sea.


If corporations are people
Throw them in jail

Course it’s probably cheaper to take out a contract on these sleezeballs


A devastating new report from the New York Times details how as fracking companies are going out of business they are leaving behind unsecured wells spewing methane and other gases into the atmosphere and paying out the same executives that drove them into bankruptcy huge bonuses—drawing condemnation from activists and climate advocates.

That is a pithy and illustrative lede for any serious course of independent study on how and why CORPORATE LOOTING is way more costly to civilized humanity and progeny meanwhile subverting our species’ Darwinian socio-economic evolution than any STREET PROPERTY CRIME LOOTING CAUSED BY RESISTANCE PROTESTERS.

Protests against the panoply of socio-econ’d injustices that even jingoism and Klan-ishness delusions of Exceptionalism and Supremacy can’t salve or hope to resolve. Protesters who’ve been shut out of seeking political remedy by the cartel dynamics of our Duopoly and the greediest sectors of the Silent Professional Classes who feel vested in Big Energy wherever among Dante’s and the Industrial Revolution’s Dickensian Rings of Respiratory Hell it may lead and who make the Feudal Lordly power of the 1/10th of 1% investor LOOTER CLASS fleecing the 99.9% or The Massively Displaced, occupied with boots on the ground and those of U.S. teetering on the edge of extinction sleeping in Hooverville tent encampments of the by-now Normalized Homeless or junker car internal refugees while peeing in plastic bottle redemptions and crapping in tin can recycling redemption here in the heart of The Hollowed-Out while once productive Precariat.

Take a deep breath and inhale this 2-song visionary set-list…
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“Abandoned wells”? If you abandon a car on the highway you are hunted down and fined at the least. The fact that this is even quasi “legal” in any corrupt terms demonstrates why/how our congress, and this regime in particular reducing already weak regulations, are in violation of everything. the enormity of the crimes and complicity of both party politicians and elected officials should be capital crimes - the state of unreality and what “the norm” has become is way too far over the fucking top!


Three guesses as to who has to foot the bill for the cleanup of all those tens of thousands of miles of pipelines that lay under our soil when the hydrocarbon industry and all of those pipeline industries go under.


This is related to the USA where there 2.5 million miles of natural gas Pipelines. It illustrates how these things leak methane and natural gas each and every day all across the USA because the Corporations deem it too expensive to repair. Basically the costs to repair the leaks exceed the value of the Natural Gas that is leaked so the “bottom line” dictates that no repairs be done.


Why don’t we stop using these products? If we would of started back in 1979 when Jimmy Carter stated a goal of being off fossil fuels free by 2000, we would not have this problem. Reagan immediately removed solar panels on White House!

Oil industries have done this worldwide, protected by US military might. Chemical companies, mining industries, tabacco industries. We the taxpayers are the chumps that clean up the environment. We did that in late 60’s and early 70’s and it has all been torn down by these industries and the politicians they pay.


Hillary was pro fracking, Obama was pro fracking, drumpf is pro fracking, Biden just announced that he is pro fracking. Who wants to ban fracking?
Oh, that’s right, Bernie.

And then Americans bitch and moan when they read an article like this!

“Insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results.” - NA

America had better wake the fuck up!



It was Warren who’d bought Duke/ Dominion’s nightmarish mess (as we’d celebrated NOT having ACP blow to pieces due to “subsidence” like two other brand new pipelines did) as 13K Obama era fracked wells start blowing out, spewing methane, lethal ethane (heavier than air) and all that radium flavored fracking brine (like that one, single Ohio well that spewed more total AGW-causing atmospheric carbon in 19 days, than entire EU nation’s energy production leaked, in a YEAR!) Right now, whomever wins in November promises to expand this nightmare, exponentially… infrastructure going in, here in NYC, right through the COVID-19 plague. They’d envisioned 1.9 million wells worth of miracle molecules or Freedom Gas? We’ve NO say… DNC took our vote. It’s their business! ~https://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/17/so-called-bridge-fuel-leads-hell-blowout-exxonmobil-fracking-site-among-nations Remember this single case?
~http://www.texassharon.com/2009/08/04/dr-colborn-comments-on-infrared-videos-showing-fugitive-emission-in-barnett-shale/ Bloomberg bought Aubrey McClendon’s last fracking firm; somebody’s got to clean up the deadly mess?


If we could get remotely sane and decent people into office, this is low-hanging fruit!

Nationalize the sites, block the leaks, fine the oil companies, make them pay taxes to underwrite all we’ve got to do to mitigate their damage. These leaking wells are some of the first places we should be fixing.


Our children ask for education and we give them religious school subsidies. They ask for jobs and we give them part time service jobs at Wal Mart, or MacDonalds. They ask for peace and we give them unilateral preemptive illegal war. They ask for Climate reform, and thousands of Americans commit their lives to opening up natural gas wells all over the continent and venting them to the atmosphere. We have done everything but place a gun to each of their heads and pull the trigger. What kind of animals are we?


We should learn the professional lingo. Even the MBA programs now teach the technical art of EXTERNALIZING COST(s).

When I stumbled onto an isolated single paragraph wire service report on the trial of trans national investor group CEO of a UK chemical corporation that before he got sentenced to a few rare if real years up-the-river and whose share-holders paid most of the monetary fees that never quite restored the water-shed got complete carte blanche EPA (Environmental Polluters Permitting Agency) approval to use the Elk River water shed of West Virginia serving 300,000 humans and untold even wilder forms of life for the purposes of taking a very large and protracted and liability limited Corporate Caliphate scaled leak.


Kinda like God’s humorous if nonetheless exasperated and indignant retort to Jonah in THE BOOKS OF PROPHETS rather than PROFITS. Another wild and woolly megillah with an underwater railroad of resistance with way-station and safe-house in a wayward land-locked Nineveh-bound Leviathan’s cavernous and aerated temporary housing culminating in the regurgitation of said unwilling prophet Jonah.

This redemption of a non-covenent nation and salvation of an absolute ruler by an unwilling agent of redemption, who was through one of the Old Testes’ better deus ex machina divine interventions re-routed from hiring on with a non-Israelite shipping firm at the Syriac port town of Tarsheesh (rhymes with baksheesh) into a swirling storm of plot twists calling upon a foreign nation’s Corrupter-In-Chief to lead by example that nation in true repentance for the widespread corruptions undertaken in said if unnamed indoctri-Nation.

Presumably also for the sake of the redemption of a non-Israelite nation and salvation for a God-like absolute ruler, which is something of an anomaly in biblical plotting and Wandering if not evangelizing exile-prone chosen peoples…

That tiny wire service paragraph on a corporate polluter actually getting sentenced after convicted for desecrating such a substantial water-shed led me to search online for the reporters locally covering that story and why it never merited national media attention. I stood ready with my standard accusations of regulatory capture and mass media capture by Corporate Caliphate who truly rule U.S. and don’t show any signs of repentance much less salvation. Instead what I found was the many years long persistent (and toxic) muck raking reportage by Ken Ward, Jr of the soon-to-be corporate bankruptcy protection-seeking marvel barely ever acknowledged as such by the Flint, Michigan Public Water Lead Toxic Drinking Water minimizing failing national Newspaper of Record.

Also, archived on U. of Tube the surprisingly aggressive muck-raking audio\video investigative journalism of West Virginia National Public Radio and Public Broadcast System’s state-wide televised use of the Public’s airwaves. All of which could have made a difference in real time had the subject itself and the local press muck rakers Ward and Eyre been deemed worthy of the national agenda as set by ALL THINGS CONSIDERED or the nightly news where every week is THIS WEEK ON WALL STREET or PLANET MONEY or MARKETPLACE or FREAKANOMICS or BLOOMBERG BILLLIONAIRE BID-NET NEWS or BUSINESS INSIDER or FORBES… Out here where the vast majority of U.S. tax-payer and bail-out payer and environment restoring citizens residing on the rent stag-flating PLANET OF THE CLOCK PUNCHERS who don’t merit even a single regularly scheduled program from our perspective, perhaps titled WAGE SLAVE WEEK and who face eviction and are a pay-check away from joining the Global Economic Miracle in constant process per CPB PBS NPR and the commercial Weapons of Mass Distraction mosey along from National Security Threat to Golden Passport Prospectus.

That our current Symptom In Chief likes to call that failing newspaper, in the case of ELK RIVER WATERSHED CORPORATE POLLUTED revelations that the national news gate-keepers never deemed news-worthy or worth follow-up investigative (costly) journalism and muck raking. Yet when I looked from well-beyond utterly destroyed by waves of strip-mining and all manner of Neo-Liberal E-CON’d Sacrifice Zone-ing salved with decades long deluging waves of tidal methamphetamine then Sackler family and McKinsey trucked, warehoused and distributed opioid prescriptive abuse flooding the West Virginia Sacrifice Zone, this particular holler happening to be the beat of the CHARLESTON GAZETTE-MAIL and Ken Ward, Jr.'s fellow reporter Eric Eyre, another worthy journalistic hero of biblical Hebraic cautionary prophecy proportions that crop up but are rarely turned into Media Events of the post ALL THE PRESIDENTS’ MEN variety in this extended Bezos proprietary owned POST Woodward-Bernstein era of insolvent and soon to be reborn as non-profit if still corporate underwritten investigative journalism (muck raking) and broadcast television along with mobile phone and personal computer screens chock full of Weapons of Mass Distraction.

Mebbe COMMON DREAMS could provide a forum for former muck raker Ken Ward, Jr. and Eric Eyre’s observations on the art and political science of “EXTERNALIZATION of COSTS” as taught in our finer all perfectly legal MBA programs…

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Code Shifters and Song Chasers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa
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Mostly ignorant, some enlightened. All imperiled.


If we could institute a representative government, then we could institute a comprehensive, emergency climate reform program and make the energy industry pay not only completely for that program, (one in which they have no no say in what was in it), but they could also pay for individual costs, like protecting Inuits, or saving every single one of the endangered species, even if it costs a hundred trillion dollars for each species. This until until there was not a current, or former, oil executive, oil executive lobbyist, or political recipient of oil lobby money left anywhere on the planet who wasn’t skinny, homeless, clothed in rags, and spit upon and jeered at by passers by. But the fact is a representative government is out of our reach unless we step it a few hundred trillion notches